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The Best Golf Scooter - Buying Guide 2021

June 15, 2021

Electric Golf Scooter Buying Guide: 5 things you need to know

Social distancing is the name of the game, even before covid-19 pandemic taking over the leisure outdoor activities, golf industry was brainstorming to attract younger golf players to the course, grasping at just about anything to add more fun to the court—and to make it a bit faster paced.

If you see it all the time, electric golf carts zooming from one side of the fairway to another as traditional golf carts are made for 2 or 4 people and we can't predict where each player will hit the ball, then you have to drive to both balls.… Is there any single person, golf cart alternative to 2-person, 4-wheeled cart? More fun and efficient in time, less bulky and more flexible, so you don’t have to trap in a 4 person golf cart and feel the pressure that we better talk this entire time?

If you do looking to avoid traffic on each tee box, something new, professional and unique electric cart to carry your bag, increase the pace of play and add fun to the game, then motorcycle golf cart will be your answer, and this thing takes fun golf to a whole new level, it’s something that’s been missing from the game for a long time, it defines what it means to live on the edge when you take the ride…. A quality, reliable golf scooter cart can be a huge boon to your golf toolkit, and that’s not even mention how much fun it brings to the courses.

golf bike

Why you need to buy a electric golf scooter? You may be:

  • Someone who wants to stay ahead in the technology game
  • Someone who wants to add fun and something new in golfing
  • Someone who wants to stay focused on the game and self improvement
  • A professional golfer that wants to speed up the round
  • A new player that wants more time on practicing
  • A golf club owner who wants to attract new golfers and boost more revenue
  • An environmentalist who care about the planet and the grass
  • An outdoor person who wants to use this golf motorcycle for hunting, fishing, camping etc

Whatever your reasons to own a motorcycle golf cart, below single person golf cart buying guide 2021 for the best golf cart scooter gonna help.

solo golf player

Buying Guide for Electric Golf Scooter

2 or 3 wheel golf scooter cart

Most electric golf scooters have 2-wheel designs. But some, like the Rebel Trike XR, use 3 wheel tryke. The question: should you go with a trike scooter or a motorbike design?

2-wheel fat scooter tend to be more flexible, more versatile, lighter in weight, easier to climb a uphill

3-wheeled trike scooter, easy to control, more stable

Obviously if you’re concerning balancing and not falling over on course while riding a golf bike, you should probably get a golf trike scooter or 4-wheeled golf cart if that fits your budget, as that 4 wheeled usually cost higher. Otherwise, if you never had trouble riding on a bike then go for 2 wheels, actually fat scooter even easier riding than a bicycle.

Whichever golf bag motorcycle you choose, never wrong to try it both (ideally on a golf course traversing hills and other terrain) and see which golf cycle you like best.

2 or 3 wheel golf scooter

Battery & Range

The battery to motorcycle golf cart is what the motor is to a car, questions to ask yourself before buying a golf cart scooter:

  • What is the type of motorcycle golf cart battery?
  • How much golf scooter cart battery capacity?
  • What is the range of golf bike on a full charge?
  • How long does the battery take to charge?
  • How many charge cycles does the battery have?
  • How to recharge a golf motorcycle battery?
  • Is golf scooter cart quick swap battery?
  • Where to buy golf cart motorcycle battery replacements?
  • How much golf scooter cart costs to replace a battery?

Speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (relative to carrying capacity), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), properly inflated tires, etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed, range and climbing ability

20AH = 30 – 37 Miles (50 - 60KM)

30AH = 50 – 56 Miles (80 - 90KM)

40AH = 62 – 70 Miles (100 - 110KM)

removable battery scooter


This isn’t a critical factor to buy a golf scooter cart, because golf bike aims to arrive to your destination comfortably and safely without carrying your bag around, not to ride as fast as possible.

Almost all single person golf cart have a max speed of 15mph on golf courses. Some electric golf carts may have higher “unlocked” speed modes (25mph or more) that are ideal for more other applications, some may use ordinary fat scooter as golf bike on green, DIY golf cart with golf bag holder.

Motorcycle golf cart provides more versatility and mobility than regular electric carts, if you tend to ride your golf motorcycle off the green, it is critical to make sure that speed modes beyond 15mph are available.

golf scooter with cooler box

Added Features

There are common features like fat scooter, ATV tire with wide wheel, suspension systems, bag holders or kickstands, while some others electric golf carts have added features beyond typical things, like quick-swap battery design, scooter box with chilled beverage, a kill switch attached to the kickstand, phone holder/chargers etc.

Accessories aren’t really that big deal because their value is dwarfed in comparison to the actual electric golf cart, but it’s worth looking at what you get as well.

One more thing, quick and easy assembly is preferred by most consumers, just imagine golf bike unboxing come in loose, all different shapes, sizes and parts, one dis-placed small piece are virtually endless possibilities sometimes.

golf scooter unboxing


Prices of an electric golf scooter can be vary, obviously not as much as traditional electric golf cart. In fact, golf scooter for sale usually fall in the range of $3500-$4500, with some allowance for upgrades/attachments.

Single Rider Golf Scooter

- a significant time-saver, 18 holes in less than 3.5 hours, one hour ahead of pace

If you have ever noticed that with each hole your score goes up and your energy goes down, you’re not alone. When it comes to getting you and your golf bag around the green without draining all your energy, electric golf cart is absolutely worth trying. And if you develop or have bad knees or lower back pain, you might considering owning a golf cart motorcycle before your next golf trip, it is advisable to do a little research on single seater golf cart brands in advance.

Best Electric Golf Scooter Brand on Market

Koppla Swift Golfmotorcycle

Koppla Swift cart, a local brand in electric golf cart industry. Essentially, this fat tire golf scooter is a pedal-less, throttle-powered, off road tire. It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to operate. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet and gives you a cushioned, smooth ride. And its front ATV tire offers a sense of flexibility while turning. Kickstand kill switch prevents unexpected start.

Koppla Swift Golf motorcycle comes with 2000W brushless motor and 25Ah battery, power enough to carry you and your clubs no matter 18 or 36 holes(Terrain and rider weight will affect range), saving your energy for when it counts.

Single battery 25Ah which takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge, have to admit Swift fat tire golf scooter is the highest single battery capacity on market at present. What’s more, Koppla Swift is the only golf motorcycle on the market with the battery and electronics located under the seat instead of the foot board, this offers much better protection from the weather, just remove the battery by lifting the seat with the key, as simple as that.

The great thing about Koppla Swift Golf Scooter is that it can also be used off the green. You can hit the streets for a relaxing cruise or even cruise on the beach due to its ATV tire design.

Not only are above tremendous features for golfers, but also for these motorcycle addicts that do not want to spoil outdoor passions. Want a stylish and versatile golf motorcycle that no one else has? Buy the best selling motorcycle golf cart for sale at $3799 with $400 coupon code KP400OFF

golf motorcycle

Phat Scooters

The Phat Scooter golf cart with 2000w hub motor, can move at 8/13/20mph - the 13mph mode is designed for golf bike. The fat scooter has a 25.2 AH battery that is good for 1500 charge cycles and range 30-40 miles.

An ultra-bright LED headlight is included with the fat tire scooter, as well as accessories like bag and beverage holders, a cooler, rear-view mirrors, and flat tire sealant.

Fat tire golf scooter is also one of the most customizable golf cart scooters on the market; you can choose different frame colors, chargers, speakers, and fender colors. Phat scooters can be purchased or leased with a price beginning at $3,794 as well as $95 per month when purchasing

phat scooter golf cart

Rebel Trike XR - 3-Wheel Golf Trike

There are many good reasons why Fat Tire Scooter offers 2 options: two wheel golf cart and golf trike scooter, a golf eggs sits perfectly behind you as you ride on the trike golf cart, with hand accelerator and brakes you will find the rider very easy and simple to get use to it.

Many would think that the Fat Tire Trike is even easier to ride than a bicycle, added stability and balancing while riding, and it is true indeed.

Some golf riders absolutely love the model 3 wheel scooter golf cart aesthetics design, while others may think it’s not much smaller than a standard 2-person cart, storage space could become an issue, and you can pick one up for around $4,394 for dual battery 20Ah.

trike scooter

Finn Scooters

What do you get when you crossing on or around a golf course with a golf motorcycle? You get a 2 wheel fat tire scooter experience that is thrilling, simple and efficient. Finn scooter golf cart is not ready for Europe yet, but it is been launched in many USA golf clubs. Even you never driven a scooter or a motorbike before, this golf bike are really easy to drive, there is a small throttle by the thumb, simply push that on and off you go.

With carry bags and cart bags sitting between your leg, look like the body of a motorbike, go up 15mph, it might not sound like much, but trust me, when you are driving Finn cycle and put it on full power, it do feel quite a zippy. It speed up the pace of play dramatically compared to sharing a buggy with someone.

One thing that Finn golf cycle has not mark in the product description is how much capacity of the battery is, they claimed last for 18 holes, so we assume it is 12Ah or 15Ah, this golf electric scooter for sale rounds around $3,500.

finn scooter

Golf Bike Reviews

golf scooter review
free shipping
extra shipping $395
extra shipping $395
free shipping
2 Wheels
2 Wheels
Trike Scooter
2 Wheels
Speed & Power
2000W 60V
2000W 60V
2000W 72V
1000W 48V
8mph, 13mph or 20mph
25.2 Ah
2pc 20 Ah
Not  disclosed
30-50 miles
30-50 miles
25 miles
Not  disclosed
Charging Time
4-6 hours
4-6 hours
8-10 hours
4.5 hours
What’s In Box
Golf Bag Holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
Carrier Rack
Cooler Box
Phone Charger
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

350 lbs

300 lbs

250 lbs

Ground Clearance




Not  disclosed

Not  disclosed

Added Features


Cooler box included

Customized Color

Standard Black, other color +$80

APP: Users can unlock the scooter for rental use.



155 lbs

175 lbs

210 lbs (not including a bag)

80 lbs /92 lbs with battery



80”L x 30”W x 44”H

85”L x 32”W x 46.5”H

85”L x 30”W x 46” H.

72”L x 28”W x 42”H


2 YEARS (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor))

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

Customer Comments on Single Seat Golf Cart:

“Every time I take it to golf course, it was like a magnet! I had people crossing fairways to come over and ask me what they were, take pics of them, it was just a cool thing to see that golfers got excited about something new in court, tell you what, the attraction is there! ”

“People have a blast doing it and they’re attracting new and repeat customers”

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