Warranty & Refund Policy

WARRANTY  Terms and Conditions

The warranty period of KOPPLA Motorcycle body shall be 12 months from the date of delivery. In the event of a non-artificial performance failure, customer may file a complaint to KOPPLA at

The warranty period of the electrical systems, includes motor, controller and frame is 12 months, battery pack 6 months, and other consumable accessories shall not be covered by the warranty service over 6 months; ( for tips on battery maintain, click here ) Within warranty period, We'll ship replacements for free and freight on us.

Note: Please confirm the integrity of the package at the time of signing for acceptance of the goods.

What Is Covered?

KOPPLA warrants that all factory manufactured KOPPLA Motorcycles are free from defects in material and workmanship during the period of this Limited Warranty.

This Limited Warranty covers parts, including the motor, motor controller, frame, display, swing arm, fork, rear shock, brake assemblies, wheels, lights and electrical sub-assemblies, and approved KOPPLA accessories installed at the time of purchase by KOPPLA.

This Limited Warranty covers all components of the Power Packs that are included as a part of the KOPPLA Power Pack or Power Tank, including the battery, integrated battery management system, internal wiring, and internal structures

What Is The Coverage Period Of Warranty?

The duration of limited Warranty for the KOPPLA Power Packs (not including the battery’s outer case) is: 6 months from the “in service date” of the host

The duration of Limited Warranty for KOPPLA Motorcycles body (not including the Power Packs) and motor and controller is a period of 12 months from the original “in service date.”

The duration of Limited Warranty for KOPPLA consumable parts (including mud guard, tires, mirror) is a period of 6 months from the original “in service date.”

Note: The “in service date” is the date that the authorized dealer performs a pre-delivery inspection (“PDI”) and delivers the motorcycle to the customer. In the event these events occur on different dates, the later date shall be the “in service date.”

The Power Pack’s outer case is not covered under the Power Pack Limited Warranty duration terms above.

What Is Not Covered?

Due to the battery chemistry, there is a normal, expected reduction in range/capacity that Power Packs can yield over time and usage. Depending on use and storage conditions, Power Packs will degrade during the duration of this Limited Warranty period. The battery range reduction will not covered by the warranty. 

Further, this Limited Warranty only covers KOPPLA Motorcycles or Power Packs/Power Tanks that are operated according to “proper use” and “under normal operating conditions.” For purposes of this exclusion, the following definitions apply:

“Normal operating conditions” require routine care and maintenance of the KOPPLA Motorcycle and Power Packs as described in the Owner's Manual.

“Proper use” means only the use of a motorcycle in the manner intended for a rider and passenger on a KOPPLA Motorcycle with proper safety equipment as described in this Owner's Manual, in accordance with local regulations.

“Proper use” also means charging the Power Pack, using only KOPPLA authorized chargers, after each use and storing it in a fully charged state, or recharging it every 30 days, or keeping it on the charger when in storage or not in regular use.

In addition, this Limited Warranty does not cover:

 The cost of parts and labor involved in any routine care and maintenance and/or the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear, use, or deterioration, including but not limited to: tires, brake pads and rotors, belt drive, fork seals, grips, foot pegs, and the seat;

Damage caused by Water. Most of our item have some level of proofing against dust and wet conditions, but they are NOT water-proof.

This warranty does not cover tire and spoke damage resulting from extreme off road use;

 Any cosmetic concerns that arise as a result of environmental conditions, owner abuse, misuse, lack of routine care and maintenance, and/or improper use;

 Damage, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by overload, exceeding speed limits, modifications or alterations to KOPPLA Motorcycles and/or Power Packs that cause the Motorcycle or Power Pack to fail;

 Damage, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by fire, collision, accident, or improper storage;

 Damage, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by airborne industrial pollutants (e.g., acid rain), bird droppings, tree sap, stones, flood water, windstorms, or other similar occurrences.


Whether the problem is covered under warranty or not, please be sure that we are happy to help you get it properly fixed anyway:

  • Let us know what is the problem exactly, better with pictures to illustrate. Our experts will carefully diagnose the issue and spot it.
  • Be aware that it's your responsibility to ship the item to the manufacturer repair centre properly without being damaged during delivery 

Meanwhile, for some common issues, you can refer these trouble shooting blogs first.

For warranty issues, please contact:

Refund Policy:

We will refund when:

15 DAYS RETURN POLICY (Satisfaction Guarantee) 

  • If during the first 15 days you received the goods from Koppla and choose to return merchandise for a replacement / exchange or refund, please review the terms and conditions below.

    15 Days Return Terms and Conditions

    Refunds will be for 100% of the entire purchase price.

    Extended Warranties purchased will be 100% refunded when a koppla scooter is returned for a refund; within the extended warranty period only.

    At the discretion of Koppla, a restocking fee of 15% may be deducted from refunds for items returned in their original condition within 15 days of purchase including but not limited to unauthorized returns.

    Customer is responsible for returning merchandise at their own expense.

    Merchandise must be received in 100% new, re-sellable condition. Merchandise is not eligible for refund if it has been ridden, worn, used, abused or damaged in any way. Merchandise must arrive complete (including warranty cards, manuals, accessories, promotional items, etc.) and in the original packaging.

    Customer must initiate return shipment of the merchandise within 15 days of the purchase date.

We can help to cancel your order and refund your payment if your order hasn't been shipped

How to know if your order was shipped or not?

Contact our support team to know your order status.

Once your order was canceled successfully, we will refund you within 1-3 business days.

Your order was analytic as fraudulent order.

    In this case, we will cancel your order and refund you automatically, we will suggest you place a new order and make sure your order billing address is the same as your card billing address. You can also try to pay with another credit card or pay by PayPal.

    We can't ship to your shipping address

      We will email you and let you know the reason why we can't ship it to you and find a solution.

      We can't refund when:

      • We don't refund after your order has shipped out.
      • We don't refund when there is an issue with the product you received, rather we fix the scooter in accordance with our warranty and send you free replacement parts (in certain cases you might need to cover the shipping cost for it).
      • We don't refund when we haven't receive the return packages.

      Customer Assistance:

      Please have the following available when contacting KOPPLA. as they are essential to effectively and efficiently answer your questions or resolve your concerns.

       Owner’s name and address

       Owner’s telephone number

       Vehicle identification number (VIN)

       Order No.

       Motor serial number (if visible)

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