covid impact on golf industry

How Does Covid Impact on Golf Industry

May 12, 2021

Covid Impact on Golf Industry - Golf Gadgets

When the Pandemic hit in March of last year, it changes people's life entirely, let alone outdoor sports like golfing, from the everyday golfer to newbie. The corona-related closure of golf courses felt as absurd as anything to many. There are hardly any places in open filed with fresh air where you can avoid social interaction (and viruses) as well as on a golf course after all, golf really a COVID winner because the way the game is. It naturally distances players out left and right, and all over the green. In addition, Golfing can provide beneficial physical activity for individuals of all ages and is associated with physical and mental benefits regardless of COVID-19 pandemic depression... Policy makers are encouraged to evaluate the benefits and risks under appropriate guideline to reopen. That is the exact reason why golf industry was able to surge in popularity during hard time.

golf course reopen

In fact, researches show play rounds of golf 2020 are up 32% in the US than 2019. Golf courses have noticed there are more new golfers taking lessons, while others are dusting off their old clubs. Here below how Corona changes golf industry:

Impact of the Coronavirus on golf

1- New Rules

Despite the increase in turnout 2020, local clubs have applied a variety of precautions to maximize health and hygiene on the course. Many golf clubs have adopted the new rules in their Corona protocols and little by little they have been introduced as part of the sport.

Including a limit of one to two player per golf cart rental, disinfecting golf carts after each use, regularly disinfecting the clubhouse and restrooms, and flags you don't have to touch, local golf courses have limited reservations online or over phone.

new rules of golf

2- Lower membership fees

Even golf has proven benefits in terms of fitness and mental health and gives people something to do and get excited about. Due to the pandemic and the recession, the disposable income of golfers has decreased, cancelled tour, less events, lower salary by working remotely etc. Many clubs owners have to reconsider their entry fees and lower prices for playing.

3- Shorter courses

"Paying online means that golfers reach their initial playing time," said Dodson. “A single rider cart, or walking, along with more time between players has shown that golfers can play faster. They are playing up to 30 to 45 minutes faster than before (Ready Golf Gadgets). All of this makes the better golf experience, and the cost is another big part of it, green fees are cheap.”

One of the other trends in golf is that there is a greater drive to move to shorter events, playing just 9 holes rather than a full round. More people are drawn to short courses and the opportunity to play fewer holes due to work and family needs.

We believes this will make it more accessible to golfers and designers the opportunity to build courses that appeal to broader segments of the population. It’s not just about being outside. Technology on golf course has helped make the sport more accessible—and more diverse.

4- Attract new golfers

"Yes, golf was the first sport in the United States to be televised again on golf networks and channels," explained Dodson. “Since we are trying to stay home more, more golfers are watching the golf tournaments available. "

Golf has seen an increased audience during the pandemic and many new players may be looking for events to better understand the game. Coupled with an increased video meet-ups on social media, this gives golf an opportunity to expand its base.

Research earlier this year found that short golf courses that utilize a forward-tee concept enable golf clubs to attract new players and help them to make the sometimes difficult transition into membership.

new golfer

5- More young and female players

The number of younger and female golfers is on rise, which could come as game changer to the golf sports given its clear appeal to the older demographic on the course. 90% of new golfers use the internet and feel that modern equipment is helping to improve their game or enhance the fun golf experience, off-course facilities such as, indoor golf simulators, driving ranges, and golf entertainment areas etc. Younger golfers like Rory Mcllroy are proving the stereotype that golf is a sport for older segments of the population is wrong.

This bodes well for the future of golf and the vision of becoming a more inclusive sport that everyone enjoys. It will also bring more business opportunities, as appeal to attract the female demographic in golf and fashion gear are expected to increase in 2022.

6- Golf gadgets on courses

Golf isn’t a competition for most players, it’s a chance to get out and enjoy a game, work on your technique, and enjoy some company. Like many other sports, golf electronics is reshaping the play of golf and offers opportunities for players to improve their game. The effects of golf electronics can be seen in the design of golf clubs, the swing analysis, use of golf scooters, the tool of percussion therapy etc.

- Best Single Rider Golf Cart:

Koppla Swift Golf Motorbike

Last summer, electric golf scooter cart caught great attention at local golf courses as many golfers rediscovered their love for riding on course. Koppla Swift motorcycle golf cart is a battery powered, single rider two-wheeler golf bike includes a golf club carrier, and scooter box with iced beverage. Riding a Koppla golf scooter cart is easy, invigorating, and encourages fast play & ready golf. Positioning the golf bag on the centerline promotes riding comfort, stability and great fun as well. (Top 10 best golf scooter brand)

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- Best Percussive therapy:

Relxbit Pro Massage Gun

By now, that New Year’s resolution to get stronger and healthier may be getting tough to stick with. Percussive therapy is one way to promptly deal with muscle soreness and has become one of the trendiest ways to recover for professional golfers, including 2020 PGA Championship winner Collin Morikawa, who just signed an endorsement deal with Theragun.

These fast-pulsating devices thump against your muscles to increase blood flow and circulation, work the lactic acid out of sore areas and promote more flexibility.

mini massage gun

- Best GPS/Rangefinder Hybrid:

Bushnell Hybrid Bundle at Amazon

The Hybrid combines laser accuracy with GPS tech to give you distance readouts for more than 36,000 courses in 30 countries.

- Best Cell Phone Accessory:

Ultimate Cell Phone Clip System by Selfie Golf

Tired of always looking for someone to take a video of your swing on the driving range. If that is, then you need it, as it used by both professionals and amateur. Think of it as a selfie stick for your golf game, allowing you to film yourself on the course or at the driving range.

7- More media and social networks involved

Social and traditional media coverage are essential parts of the golf strategy to reach out broad audience, especially during corona pandemic lockdown. With over 60% of millennial being active on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, or Youtube, golf is seeking any opportunities to reach more audience by increased tournament, active on social media, all aim to turn the youngest members into the next generation of golfers.

8- VAT reduction

However, many clubs applied reduced fees due to inactivity and confinement, and subsequent restrictions caused the loss of a large part of the income linked to related activities, such as classes, equipment rental or shop, which account for approximately 11% of total billing.

For tourist clubs, on the other hand, the social mass only contributes between 20% and 30% of the income of the facility, so the closure was a bigger hit for these facilities than the average.

The Europe government is working on a VAT reduction from 21% to 10% on golf courses to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus.

Golf Industry Facts - Golf statistics in 2020 & 2021

  1. 441 million rounds of golf were played in 2019. In June 2020, golfers played 7–8 million rounds more than in June 2019.
  2. 24.3 million people played golf on the course in 2019. There were 3 million new golf players in 2020, according to golf industry stats.
  3. 41 percent of Americans supported their states allowing golf courses to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. 75% of golf facilities in the US are open to all players.
  5. South and North America together account for 50% of all golf courses.
  6. Between April 23 and May 5, 2021, the number of rounds sold online in public courses that were open increased 60% over the previous year.
  7. 14 million millennials are interested in playing a game of golf on the field
  8. Women are 40% of golfers off the course.
  9. The number of female juniors jumped from 15% in 2000 to 34% in 2020.
  10. Youth (6-17) and young adults (18-34) account for approximately 35% of all golfers on the course
  11. The average US golfer is a 54-year-old male.
  12. In 2019, the media covered 900 hours of golf on the PGA Tour.
  13. The average price of a round of golf costs $ 35.
  14. There were 883,500 total golfers in England in 2020.
  15. The golf apparel market is set to grow by 4% in 2020–2024.
  16. In Canada, there are 180 golf equipment stores as of December 2020.
  17. Golf cart industry trends have turned to single-rider options.

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