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Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5,000 - KOPPLA Gator

October 07, 2020

Best Electric Motorcycle Under $5,000

- Urban Commuter With 70 Miles of Range

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) Survey, the average commuter drives 16 miles to work each way, with a daily commute totaling nearly an hour round trip; Many megacities are restraining sale of new fossil fuel powered vehicles in the coming years, more and more mobile vehicles makers are turning from gasoline to electric. Transit vehicle manufacturers benefits to offer e-motorbike that not only been able to meet the requirements for range, performance, weight, but at affordable prices. That explains why the sales of e-bikes in the U.S. are up 139% to US$681 million for the year-to-date, and total volume of electric scooter sales is up 42.8% year-over-year compare to 2020.

For many bikers riding a motorcycle is more than a hobby or need, it's Passion... a breakfast ride, a night ride or a long road trip, they are always up for it.

electric scooter for adults

Electric motorcycle for adults usually cost thousands of dollars, and that’s only before aftermarket parts, maintenance, let alone accessories like helmet and other riding gear. While affordable electric motorcycles have been limited to only a few models, how much a e-motorcycle can customer get for under $5000? we’d carve out some time to bring you the most affordable fat tire motorcycle under $5,000 – Koppla Gator, a big wheel electric motorcycle brand.

What to consider when buying an electric motorcycle

Terrain / Weather

Electric mopeds are designed for different people and vary purposes. It’s up to you to consider what really matters to you. First you should figure out where you’re going ride your motorcycles most frequently? road biking or trail riding, if it is uphill, sand and snow (fat tire) terrain involved; Then what do you need it for a electric scooter? Adult scooter sufficient for different kinds of activities, such as traveling and urban commuting, relaxed cruising, child transportation.

Local weather: Driving in winter poses special challenges for electric motorcycles and e-scooters or e-bikes. Not only the performance of the battery is subject to this tough conditions, also the safety of driving on ice and snow is most concerned factor when buying an electric vehicles, this is top reason why so much demand on fat tire bikes.

electric motorcycles

PS : There are differences here like day and night. Anyone who wants an electric motorcycle just to drive to work and is often out and in the city will set significantly different standards than someone who would like to heat up on the highway and enjoy the driving experience.


In contrast to the automotive industry, the motorbike market is rarely supplied with motorcycles with electric drive, this is mainly due to the space of built-in Li battery which limits the range and also a major obstacle for electric cars. Best Electric motorcycle for adults are currently still relatively high-cost. And while we’re at it, let’s ignore the current leaders of the industry, such as a $20,000 Zero electric motorcycle SR/F or a $30,000 Harley-Davidson LiveWire. We’re putting terms like “low-cost” and “affordable” into perspective, accessible electric motorcycles with speed over 45mph have an average usually starting price of around $6,500.


When considering the best electric motorbike, it’s essential to make some estimations that not only include your daily mileage but also the other factors related (rider’s habit, weather conditions, traffic, road type, rider’s height and weight). How far can I get on average with a full charge? Almost all of the electric motorcycles presented here achieve a range of 75 miles and 30 miles for electric scooters, while the Fat Gator model from Koppla with almost 60 miles per single charge.

20AH = 30 – 37 Miles (50 - 60KM)

30AH = 50 – 56 Miles (80 - 90KM)

40AH = 62 – 70 Miles (100 - 110KM)

Top speed

Depending on the electric motorcycle model, the top speeds are varies. Sometimes these are 75mph, with others even 125mph. It should be noted here that manufacturers often incorporate a maximum speed limit, not because the electric motorcycle could not go faster, but mostly to save the battery. If you were to heat the road at 185mph with a medium-power battery, the driving pleasure would be over after an hour. Speed depends on the engine power and weight of the bike as well. Koppla Gator claimed at 48 mph round around $4,000

45mph moped

Acceleration / Torque

The higher the torque, the greater the acceleration, in other words, what can you expect when you nail that throttle? A major advantage of all types of vehicles that are electronically powered is acceleration. In contrast to combustion engines, electric motorcycles pull better, which is due to the fact that there is no longer an engine and the ignition chain has to be adhered to. Instead, the battery supplies the power directly to the transmission and converts the acceleration immediately. In a race at the traffic lights, the electric motorcycles presented here would probably start a bit faster, which also accelerate very well.

Motor Power

How much kw an electric motorcycle has, largely determines the top speed and climbing ability.


Riding position, two person seat or one, fat tire etc. Design has little to do with performance and yet it is one of the most important things to consider when buying an electric motorcycle. If you prefer a little speedster to get from A to B in the city, you will probably not opt ​​for a Harley Davidson or an Energica, as the models are powerful motorcycles for the country road that come across as very sporty. Some electric motorcycles are based on classic motorcycles, but with the newer models you can see more and more often that there are no longer any chain drives, but that the drive has been designed almost futuristically.

Warranty & Support

All electric motorbike manufacturers are obliged to provide warranty. Apart from motor, frame and cycle parts, the warranty should cover the battery conditions (maximum and minimum operating temperatures, how long to charge the battery and the amount of charging cycles, also battery storage periods). Within the warranty terms, you have to adhere to these terms.

PS: In order to stay best performance, comfort enjoyment and safety while your riding, essential maintain and clean of your new electric motorbike is quite important work to do.

Money maker for scooter sellers: maintenance service

The biggest money maker for local scooter sellers (dealerships) has been maintenance service. With electric scooters, literally up to 90% of maintenance costs would fall away. This causes a major problem for the old business model of dealerships and it prevents a transition to electric scooters in many countries.

electric scooter parts

An Electric Motorcycle with Removable Battery

In any case, the batteries should be able to dock on fast charging stations for a speedy onward journey. And not only that: The battery will be removable, so that it would theoretically be possible to take them into the apartment to recharge if there is no charging station nearby, or quick switch to a fully charged spare one. Whether customers will actually use this option will depend on the weight of the batteries, which should add up to several kilos.

removable battery scooter

Koppla Fat Gator Electric Motorcycle

The Koppla Gator catches the eye at first glance. Its fat tire structure and tan cushion finish look like a successful combination of retro and science fiction. Here the manufacturer has made a virtue out of necessity, the eye-catching design has a great practical advantage: more space to put your foot down; the battery, Koppla wants to make full use of it, removable under the seat. According to the company, the range of one battery charge should be an impressive around 70 miles theoretically, how realistic that is. Peak 5.0 kw motor, instant 160 NM torque, twice power knockout, rocket to 48mph only few seconds, you’ll feel the extra power crushing in hilly terrain, an awesome hill-climber if you need it.

Future of Mobility - Longer range, Less weight, Lower price

The way we travel from point A to B is changing forever. This transformation is creating a new ecosystem of personal mobility and affecting more than just the automotive industry. Until science has found new, groundbreaking solutions in energy storage technology, all well-known motorcycle manufacturers will concentrate on the further development of their models with conventional drives. It looks different in urban traffic. Here, short distances and low speeds are in the foreground. This is the ideal terrain for e-scooters and small e-motorcycles, which are primarily transport and commercial vehicles. The lifestyle and environmental awareness also plays second fiddle here. Electric motorcycle for adults are slowly but surely emerging from the exotic niche. For some people they are fun vehicles for leisure time, but for many commuters they are also a real replacement for cars!

Road Test Fat Gator:

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