finn scooter vs phat scooter

Finn Scooter vs Phat Scooter

February 17, 2022

Phat Scooters vs Finn Scooter – Koppla 2022

Walk, ride or... scoot? How golfer pros adjusted to COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic was the global events since 2020, but how business recover from the Corona and prosper in a post-COVID-19 world is expected to be real deal of golf industry 2021. To combat the pandemic, the government taken flexible policies on those sports industry oriented to outdoor and pay & play measures, such as changing the normal rules of the game to help the local clubs stay in business. Even more creative way to adjust to the new normal, some golf equipment companies launches modern and customized evolution golf carts & course vehicles using advanced technologies, known as golf bikes, electric golf scooter or motorcycle golf cart.

new normal golf industry

Due to the social distancing, golf courses are viewing one person golf cart as a viable option rather than just a cool amenity to help golfers play safely.

What is a golf cart scooter?

The guidance (“One Golfer Per Cart”) encourage players to walk rather than ride, and golfers should not sharing the same cart unless family members. Whether walk cross the green with your golf bag or share a ride with masks, “Fun golf” isn’t the word associated with any of those options. One new alternative is single person golf cart.

Ride Alone in Style – Golf Cart Alternative

Electric Golf Scooter: a moped & golf cart hybrid, usually two wheel or trike scooter cart, more flexible on course, single seated. Golf scooter cart looks similar to a fat scooter or golf bike cart, these heavily resemble motor scooter with low platform footrest and seat position, along with adjustable riding position really made wavies in golf cart industry.

Removable battery pack under the seat or the footboard, golf bag holder between your legs or back the bike, and cooler box carrier, storage box holds small items like keys, pens etc.

Golf scooter cart aiming at speeding up the round immensely, making it more fun thus attracting new young golfers who really into riding on golf cart, and keep older players golfing more years, creating more and much needed green fee revenue for golf clubs as well.

golf electric scooter

“We had never seen customers smile so much.” Said one of golf club owner in west Australia. “By far, it’s the most fun you can have ever had on a golf course.”

Which brand of golf cart scooter is best?

Koppla Golf Scooter

The Koppla electric cart have made life easier for golf players, especially those who do not want to kick the 18 hole pull. Lightweight, electric, mobility with ATV tires, capacity for single golf rider and comfortably carrier for golf bag with all the necessary clubs. Moreover, it's the only brand scooters golf with headlights, price includes a scooter box for chilled beverage on the back seat.

Fat tire features that the wheels have to have enough grip on all kind of pavements like grass or sand, at the same time, not leave the field or flip. That is why small rims and extra-wide tires become the best allies for this golf electric scooter.

koppla golf scooter

Finn Golf Scooter

The Finn Cycle Golf comes from Sun Mountain, a company that makes bags and golf push carts. They are closely associated with golf industry and one would think there is dedicated research prior to the introduction of this new two-wheeled golf electric scooter. It hits a top speed of 15 mph and can play 3 full rounds of golf between charges, though we're not sure what that means in miles or cart battery capacity. The Finn cycles copies the Bobcat, with the bag sliding down the frame between the handlebars and the seat. It's coming on sale last spring, or you can see it at your local course, which can be rented with a phone app, just like a bird or a lime electric scooter.

bobcat golf scooter ads

(pic of bobcat golf scooter)

Phat Golf Scooter

The Phat Scooters Golf is already available and is just one offshoot of the fat tire electric scooters that have been on sale for some time. In most states, you can ride golf electric scooter anywhere you would like riding an e-scooter or fat bike, and (despite what some websites say) they have a top speed of 20 mph. The Phat Scooters golf range can travel 30-50 miles for an extra battery. If you're not into golf, you can save a few hundred dollars and put the rack in the back.

fat tire golf scooter

What to consider when buying a electric golf scooter?

1. Design, Tire Type & Size

Certainly, it’s up to you to consider what really matters to you, there are few essential features you want in your golf motorcycle. 1) design, fat scooter or motorbike style; 2) big wheel or ATV tire, Koppla Swift Cart used ATV tire with 165/45-12" (Front) and 215/40-12" (Rear); 3) Size & Weight of a mobility golf cart.

Then you should figure out what types of golf courts you’re going ride your golf scooter cart? Links, parkland or desert courses, if it is uphill, sand and snow (fat tire) terrain involved, which may concern of golf scooter tires, golf bike motor power, and loading capacity. You should not pay a fortune to some shiny fancy features yet you don’t actually need them. What you will be using your golf cart scooter for and choose features that ideally meet your needs and golf habits.

We advise bigger wheels (Phat scooters wheel 10", Finn Cycle & Koppla Swift wheel 12") with air tires, as smaller wheels give a tougher ride while the ground get rough. What’s more, if you’d prefer quality riding, you will need fat treaded tyres and quality suspension.

Winner - Koppla Swift & Finn Golf Scooter

finn scooter, phat scooter, koppla motorbike

2. Motor & Power

Electric golf scooter motors are rated based on the power consumption, which is expressed in watt. Bigger motor wattage will have more powerful output, not only help with powering up the hilly terrains but also to speed up more quickly. Golf scooter motor power generally starts from 1000-3000 watts.

How to calculate electric golf bike motor power consumption?

1 horsepower = 746 watts. 1000 watts/746 watts/hp = 1.34 hp.

A typical fuel injected gas engine develops 1 hp per 22 cc.

So 1.34 hp x 22 cc/hp = 29.5 cc.

1000 watts = 29.5 cc. (Finn Scooter)

2000 watts = 58.9 cc. (Phat Golf Scooter)

3000 watts = 88.5 cc. (Koppla Swift)

Winner - Koppla Swift Golf Scooter

3. Battery & Range

As with all electronics - the longer the battery lasts, the better. On the other hand, batteries are of much concern on electric golf cart, you want it be quieter, more affordable, and require less maintenance. However, When the electric cart runs out of power, you could easily feel helpless and stranded. Also, charging electric golf cart takes longer when it comes with bigger battery capacity, so removable battery swapping feature also helped with faster round of golf play. Surfing golf cart & tough uphill terrain drains the battery 50%-60% quicker than common road condition.

12AH = 12 – 15 Miles (Finn Cycle)

25AH = 20 – 30 Miles (Koppla Swift)

2*20AH = 30 – 40 Miles (Phat Scooter)

Winner - Phat Golf Scooter

golf cart batteries

4. Speed

This isn’t a critical aspect to buy a golf scooter cart, because golf bike aiming to get to destination comfortably and safely without being in hurry or dragging your bag around, not to ride as fast as possible.

Almost all electric golf carts go no faster than 15mph, some may have a top speed of 20-25mph as “unlocked” speed modes which will apply to multiple applications, so users could use it as ordinary fat scooter off the green other than golf cars or utility vehicles on court.

Koppla Swift Golf Scooter - 27mph

Phat Scooter - 20mph

Finn Golf Scooter - 15mph

5. Attachments, Assembly & Warranty

Buying an electric golf cart that can be accessorized and customized to suit your individual preferences is also a great option. In fact, most golf stores offer awesome golf cart accessories such as entertainment features, cup holder, phone charger, golf cart cooler, stickers and so on, for example, one of noticeable features of Koppla Swift golf motorcycle is their price including a nice cooler box. Personalizing your golf bag motorcycle also a great way to present yourself to the world, showcasing who you are, what you like, love, etc.

Phat Scooters: Most customizable golf scooter fender

Finn Cycle: Most color combinations golf cycle

Koppla Swift: Free cooler box / basket for scooter cart & Headlight

Finn golf cycle

6. Price, Shipping Cost

Making a good budget to get the best value on a electric golf scooter is critical. Although you may not have a fixed amount how much to spend on your golf hobbies, while it is important to have a good match for it, even if those golf electric scooters are above (but within a reasonable range of) what you want to pay. Often times the seller can offer coupon code which means to get your dream cart under the list price. You will also want to make sure that what you get provides value for your buck.

$3799 free shipping - Koppla Swift (coupon:KP500OFF)

$3499 free shipping - Finn Scooter

$3399, additional $395 per shipping - Phat Scooter

Winner: Koppla Swift

How much a golf scooter cost?

golf scooter review
free shipping
extra shipping $395
extra shipping $395
free shipping
2 Wheels
2 Wheels
Trike Scooter
2 Wheels
Speed & Power
2000W 60V
2000W 60V
2000W 72V
1000W 48V
8mph, 13mph or 20mph
25.2 Ah
2pc 20 Ah
Not  disclosed
30-50 miles
30-50 miles
25 miles
Not  disclosed
Charging Time
4-6 hours
4-6 hours
8-10 hours
4.5 hours
What’s In Box
Golf Bag Holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
Carrier Rack
Cooler Box
Phone Charger
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight
Sand bottle
Removable Cooler
Drink holder
Scorecard and pencil holder
LED headlight

Weight Capacity

350 lbs

350 lbs

300 lbs

250 lbs

Ground Clearance




Not  disclosed

Not  disclosed

Added Features


Cooler box included


Customized Color

Standard Black, other color +$80

APP: Users can unlock the scooter for rental use.



155 lbs

175 lbs

210 lbs (not including a bag)

80 lbs /92 lbs with battery



80”L x 30”W x 44”H

85”L x 32”W x 46.5”H

85”L x 30”W x 46” H.

72”L x 28”W x 42”H


2 YEARS (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor))

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

Summary of Golf Electric Scooter

"We have heard a number of stories where golf courses run out of two-person carts after 10am every weekend" said Ed Kowachek. "and nobody knows how long COVID-19 will last - is this only for the season, 18 months, 2 years?"

Finn Cycle Golf, along with its competitors Koppla Swift & Phat Scooters, are enjoying a blessing as the courses can’t keep up with demanding during the Coronavirus pandemic, desperately seeking to complement their respective golfer transport fleets during the hard time.

We don't plan to cover every electric golf scooter or motorcycle golf cart that comes down the pike. Electrically assisted bikes, electric trolleys, or golf boards. and things like these 2 wheel golf cart bikes could be the gateway that Millennials and Generation Z are introducing into the two-wheeled cursing style. The next thing you might know is looking for a Zero or a Livewire. Anyone else see the similarities between the Phat and these two Harley electric dirt bike concept?

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