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Golf Carts - Gas VS Electric Power

June 14, 2021 2 Comments

Golf Carts: Gasoline vs Electric | Golf Scooter Koppla

Is golf safe during covid?

During this hard times where the COVID-19 pandemic has been the protagonist, restaurants and shops on the golf courses were closed. We have all had to adapt to this new normal. We could say that golf is one of the safest sports over other sports as it is a non-contact activity, another fact of golf that make it an accessible and safe sport after Cronavirus is that it can be practiced both indoors or outdoors.

For that reason, golfers and golf course operators across the country were eager to get players back on the green. They were had to adhere to social distancing and cleaning guidelines, including disinfecting golf carts after each use and the amazing game schedules for the players.

The golf courses are safe, but we would not advise sharing golf equipment, such as golf clubs, and make sure all high-touch surfaces are sanitized. Also it is not advisable to transport on course yourself in a golf cart with strangers, only with family members you do live with. It would be better if you had your own golf cart or walked the court with your bag.

golf course covid 19

Social distancing restricts golf operators to limit the riders sharing one single cart, while short of carts rental in weekend makes you considering buying a personal golf cart for more liability, below tips here to help make your decision more advisable and easier for you.

Golf cart stereo types before you read on: 

  • Electric golf carts don't get the mileage that gas carts do. 
  • Electric carts are dangerous going downhill because they don't have the slow ability of a gas engine.
  • Electric golf carts can not handle hilly terrains.
  • Electric carts don't have the acceleration of gas carts.
  • Gas carts are more powerful than electric carts.
  • Gas carts will last longer than electric carts durability wise.
  • Gas carts are cheaper because you don't have to buy a new set of batteries every 5 years approximately.


Which golf cart is right for me?

If you plan to add a golf cart to your vehicle collection, you have a few factors to consider when making final decision. One of the most important decisions is choosing between a cart that uses gasoline vs. an electric powered golf cart.

The main qualities of electric golf carts that they are more convenient to drive or operate, you only have to accelerate and brake, they do not make loud noises and less maintenance.

Gas-powered golf carts are strong, steady operators. They might do pollute but the newer carts, with the new federal regulations, are much more eco-friendly than before.

It's difficult to define a price range for both type of golf carts since there are so many factors that go into their cost, but speaking very generally, used gas-powered carts are more expensive than electric ones. In addition, there aren’t usually many used gas-powered golf carts available for sale as fewer of gas carts coming back in on trades.

golf cart electric vs gas

Factors to consider before buying a golf cart

How will you use the golf cart:

  • Range. The range of a fully charged electric golf cart is usually 25 to 45 miles, depending on the type of battery. With a 4 to 6 gallon gas cart tank, your cart will travel an average of 100 to 180 miles, while the smell and exhaust from gas golf carts can linger on the golf course.
  • Business or Personnel. If you buy a golf cart for rent, long range golf carts may ideal for commercial use, gasoline carts tend to have more power and range suitable for rental golf cart business. But to personal use, electric carts are sufficient to last at least 36 hole rounds and get back safely.
  • On golf course use. Now most golf players and courses are switching to electric because its quiet operation and enjoyable riding experience. Besides the total costs are lower, electricity costs than gasoline, and maintenance cost.
  • Indoors. The best option is electric as it doesn’t produce any emissions.
  • Golf carts approved for street use. Street approved carts can be used on some roads, but local laws vary so check with your local municipality. According to motor and wheels, for a golf cart to be approved for use on the street it must be able to circulate at least 20 miles per hour and have the following equipment:
  1. speedometer
  2. Horn
  3. Illuminated plate
  4. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  5. Department of Transportation (DOT) approved tires, seat belts and windshield wipers
  6. Interior and exterior mirrors; and
  7. Turn signal, brake and head lights that work

electric or gas golf cart

    Golf cart maintenance

    Electric: If one of your priorities is to buy a golf cart that is easy to maintain, an electric one is best. Your main maintenance will consist of checking and maintaining the electrolyte levels in the cart batteries and keeping the latter properly charged. Providing you recharge your battery sufficiently, you’ll enjoy a golfing experience that’s as good as or even better than the one you have with a petrol version. The battery golf carts usually last between 5 and 7 years and may cost between $800 to replace them and $2,000.

    Gasoline: With a gas cart, you will need to change the oil regularly, as well as replace the spark plugs and oil filters. 

    Both carts will require regular maintenance for the tires, suspension, steering, and brakes. Make sure you also have a place to store your golf cart. If you don't have it, you will have to consider additional maintenance costs.

    Golf cart resale values

    If you are buying a new cart, the initial purchase price will be similar for gasoline and electric golf carts. However, when you try to resell (or buy a used cart), you will find that gasoline golf carts are worth considerably more than electric carts due to the high cost of replacement batteries for the latter. Typically cost 10-15 percent more than an electric vehicle (several hundreds of dollars).

    electric golf carts

    If you enjoy golfing because you’re looking for a sport to relax outdoors, you’ll find that buying a golf cart helps you do so.

    Golf industry 2022

    The supply chain crisis is hitting the golf industry at a time when the sport is gaining popularity. Between work stoppages, labor shortages, shipping delays, increased demand, and catastrophic weather events, many industries have struggled to get their hands on the products and raw materials they need to keep running.

    Golf is obviously not the only industry which is completely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, however, golf is in a more challenging position as it is experiencing an explosion in popularity. Golf clubs - including irons, drivers and putters - and other items (such as grips) are increasingly in short supply as the crisis in the global supply chain continues to make it difficult to purchase new products.

    If 2020 has been tough, pick up your strength at Christmas because in 2021 curves will come. Manufacturing and shipping difficulties are estimated to continue until 2022 in the golf industry amid the challenges of the pandemic.

    If you want the latest electric golf cart scooter delivered to your door, contact us today. We manufacture custom golf bikes to your requirements and deliver worldwide.

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