Koppla Scooter FAQs

KOPPLA Motorcycle wants to help answer any question you may have whether you’re a current owner or looking to join the KOPPLA family. Here you will find some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, you can email us at


Q:  Where does Koppla ship from? Can Koppla ship to my Country? 

A: KOPPLA GATOR US 5Kw version: Ship from CA, US, ship to Contiguous U.S. only.
KOPPLA SWIFT: Ship from CA, US, ship to Contiguous U.S. only.
KOPPLA GATOR Europe EEC version: Ship from EU, ship to Contiguous Europe only.

Q: Do I need to pay for tax?

A: 1. If you buy a complete KOPPLA motorcycle, no tax will be charged for orders shipped from domestic US and the EU. European countries outside the EU will be taxed ( like UK / Norway / Switzerland / Iceland / Serbia / Albania / Macedonia )

  1. If you buy spare parts and ship to EU/NZ/AU, you will need to pay tax.

Q: How long will take my motorcycle to be shipped out? How long will it take the motorcycle to arrive?

A: We will ship your scooter within 2-3 business days of your order placement. Usually we ship out fast, anyhow schedule a truck pickup sometimes takes longer to 5-7 days.

Ready Stock are shipped from our CA warehouse by truck deliver. Estimated Delivery Time: 5-12 days (Contiguous U.S. only. )

**Please note that your shipping / tracking information can not be tracked immediately. We create your tracking label after your package has left our location.**

Q:   How far does KOPPLA scooter go on a single charge?

A: It depends on battery capacity of KOPPLA electric motorcycle, below data for reference:

20AH = 30 – 37 Miles (50 - 60KM)

30AH = 50 – 56 Miles (80 - 90KM)

40AH = 62 – 70 Miles (100 - 110KM)

KOPPLA GATOR adapt single 40Ah removable battery and KOPPLA SWIFT Golf Motorcycle adapt with 25Ah removable battery

Q: Is KOPPLA fat tire scooter easy to ride?

A: YES. If you can ride a bicycle, you can most likely ride a KOPPLA fat tire motorcycle.

Anyhow adequate knowledge of its controls and operating features, regular inspections and proper maintenance, along with good riding skills, help you safely enjoy the capabilities and the reliability of KOPPLA motorcycle..

Q:  How fast does the KOPPLA motorcycle go?

A:  KOPPLA Chopper has two models: SWIFT Golf Motorcycle, KOPPLA GATOR Motorcycle

KOPPLA SWIFT Max Speed - 20 mph / 35km/h

KOPPLA GATOR US 5Kw version Max Speed - 48 mph / 75km/h

KOPPLA GATOR Europe EEC version Max Speed - 45km/h ( can release to 60km/h)

Q: Can the controller be modified to go faster/slower?

A: Yes, You can modify the controller to make it go faster/slower. How to modify the controller, please contact

Q: What is the max weight it can carry?

A: 350-400 lbs

Q: Will KOPPLA Golf Scooter harm the course?

A: The fat tire KOPPLA SWIFT golf motorcycle is very "turf friendly", with larger tires and very light weight, less damaging than any traditional golf cart

Q:  How many rounds can we expect KOPPLA Golf Scooter on a single charge?

A:  KOPPLA SWIFT golf motorcycle support single 30Ah battery and will get over 36 holes on a charge. Please note the rider weight will affect range.

Q:  How long does the KOPPLA take to charge?

A:  6-8 Hours for KOPPLA Golf Motorcycle 25AH.

Q: How to store KOPPLA motorcycle battery?

A: It is best to store electric scooters with their batteries charged around 75% and in temperatures above 32 F but below 114 F. We suggest to discharge & recharge the battery every 3 months, it can keep battery full capacity & good function.

Normally we charge the battery 50% or so before shipment, because it will be safe when shipping.

Q:  Where can I ride my KOPPLA Scooter?

A:  Your KOPPLA Scooter is legal to ride in most cities in the bike lane or path. Some areas do not allow any motorized vehicles on canals or sidewalks. You need to check your local and state laws on where you can ride your scooter.

Q: Will going through water cause damage the scooter?

A:  Operating your electric device in the rain is not recommended for safety reasons. we recommend avoiding being extremely careful in the rain, wet fairways, and mud, Do not submerge the scooter or motors in water, or ride in heavy rain.

Q:  What is the package size? And how it packed?

A: 74*15*30 inch (188x38x77cm) for KOPPLA scooter, packed with heavy brown box.

Q:  Is assembly required?

A: Yes, it comes 98% assembled, just the front wheel and handle comes in loose, proper quick guide on installation (click). 

Q:  What is included with KOPPLA fat tire scooter?        

A: The fat tire KOPPLA GATOR includes:

KOPPLA Scooter

Helmet (L)

Motorcycle Cover (XL: 245*125*105cm)

Phone Holder

Tool Kit Bag

Charger (Standard 110v outlet)

The fat tire KOPPLA SWIFT includes:

KOPPLA Scooter

Cooler Box

Phone Holder

Carrier Holder

Tool Kit Bag

Charger (Standard 110v outlet)

Q: Do you offer financing? 

A: We accept Paypal and Stripe( stripe accept multiple payment methods like Visa, MasterCard etc)

FAQ for wholesaler or retailer

Q: I am a retailer and am desperate for more KOPPLA products.  Can you hook me up?

A: Send us an email:

Q: Do you have videos you can share? We use them in the stores next to the product display.

A: Yes, you could download from our YouTube channel

Q: What is HS Code of an Electric Bike, Electric scooter?

A: 8711 - Motorcycles, incl. mopeds, and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars; side-cars

871160 - Motorcycles, incl. mopeds, and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with electric motor for propulsion

871190 - Motorcycles, incl. mopeds, and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor and side cars for motorcycles (excluding with reciprocating internal combustion piston engine)

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