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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Golf Scooter

February 17, 2022 2 Comments


Buying vs Renting Golf Carts

Buy the cart and golf my own damn way is a done deal — but it's also a big capital expenditure. Leasing gives you more flexibility upfront, whether you should lease or buy a golf cart depends on how often you plan to use it on course. Renting golf cars will typically run you $60-$175 dollars a day depends on cart type and size; for long-term rentals, monthly golf cart rates about $495, without tax or any or extras and add-ons. If you only plan to play golf a couple of times a year or you cannot afford to buy one – or only want to ride one temporarily, lease a golf cart or a fleet may be the more affordable option for your next round or event!.

leasing or buying a golf cart

However, Analysis shows owning golf cars more profitable than leasing - by Richard A. Newell, C.P.A. Better ROI (return on investment).

For most players, practice time is limited, if you’d want to get the most out of your golf practice hours or simply want to be transported comfortably, buying a golf scooter or golf bike can be a great investment and is one that you probably won’t regret. Especially scooting on golf course speeds up the pace immensely, and ride on golf scooter would be an unmissable experience as well. What is the best golf scooter?

How Much is a Golf Scooter?

Based on the average retail cost, most brand new golf carts will cost between $8,000 and $9,000, used golf cart goes for approximately $5.7K. However, some golf carts can be priced lower at $2,500/$3,000 range and some luxury electric golf carts can be priced at over $20,000.

How to play golf on a budget? Any other options for those who can't justify premium golf cart prices but want as much all-round performance as a lower budget allows? Golf scooter gaining widespread acceptance and popularity during the pandemic, because of its less expensive price ($3,000-$4,500), and much more mobility than classic golf carts, golf motorcycle is more power, faster pace and great fun. (Single rider golf cart benefits)

How Much to Rent a Golf Scooter?

Whether your out on the course, or need to get around your community, you may be wondering your golf cart is lacking in speed, while, you’re not alone, whether you might have seen this anywhere - RENT A FINN FOR A FASTER GAME & MORE FUN! Golf electric scooter is popular, and FUN!

What is Finn Golf Scooter? Claiming to be the next best thing to happen to the game of golf, single-rider golf cart evolution that increase the speed of play, attract youth golfers and encourage ready golf.

Check the best golf scooter 2021 (Finn Cycle, Koppla Swift & Phat Scooters).

Golf scooter rental fee:

  • $25+tax for 18-holes
  • $13+tax for 9-holes

Things to know

  • One rider and bag per scooter
  • Prices do not include GST; Golf club and golf bag hire not included.

Golf bike features:

  • Single rider golf cart speed up the pace, more rounds in a day, an average pace of 7.5 minutes per hole for one seat golf cart (don't forget groups in front will be on standard pace)
  • Single person golf cart is Easy & Compact to store
  • Silent & Fun to ride one person golf cart
  • Reduce wear & Turf-friendly tires

rent a finn cycle

How Much to Rent a Golf Cart?

Most rental fleet offers different options for customizing golf cart rental needs, 2 passenger golf carts typically used for tournaments. For more specific requirements like utility carts with boxes or flat decks, 4-6 seater golf carts (multi passenger) are also available for efficiency in larger group rentals. And single rider solution golf scooters for adults who want to make their cruise on golf carts even more fun and faster.

Golf Cart rental prices vary based on cart size / type: 2 passenger, 4-6 passenger, utility, carryall, beverage etc.

Golf Cart Rental Cost Per Day:

2 Passenger Gas Cart $60 / day

4 Passenger Gas Cart $95 / day

6 Passenger Gas Cart $125 / day

Utility (Box) Gas Cart $95 / day

Carryall (Box) Gas Cart $125 / day

Food & Beverage Gas Cart $125 / day

Local Delivery/Pick-up $250

Long-Term Golf Cart Rental Rates:

Minimum amount of $395 for any rental


  • 2 Passenger w/ Flatbed – $500.00
  • 4 Passenger – $500.00
  • 6 Passenger – $500.00


    • 2 Passenger w/ Flatbed – $395.00
    • 4 Passenger – $295.00
    • 6 Passenger – $495.00


    • 2 Passenger w/ Flatbed – $395.00
    • 4 Passenger – $395.00
    • 6 Passenger – $495.00


    • 2 Passenger – $395.00
    • 2 Passenger w/ Flatbed – $395.00
    • 4 Passenger – $395.00
    • 6 Passenger – $495.00

    *Monthly golf cart rates based on minimum 1 Year Contract; DELIVERY/PICK-UP:  $150.00 For Local Deliveries.

    golf cart rentals

    Golf Scooter Rental Terms:

    • All rental reservations must be placed no later than 72 hours of requested delivery.
    • All golf cart rentals must be prepaid with a major credit card.
    • All rentals require a Security Deposit. Renter is responsible for damages to golf carts
    • Rental Agreements may be signed in the office or faxed to us.
    • Cancellations require written notice within 72 hours of delivery for a full refund. A 15% restocking fee will be charged.
    • Deliveries or pickups on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays incur an extra charge.
    • We provide spare tires, we do not change flat tires on golf carts
    • Rental customers are responsible for consumables such as gasoline & electricity, etc.

    Golf Car Leasing Terms:

    • 1st Month Rental Payment In Advance with Golf Cart Lease/Rental Application
    • One Year Signed Lease Contract Required for all golf carts
    • All Leases Include 100% Service For Normal Wear & Tear “Excluding Flats & Damage”
    • $400.00 Refundable Damage Deposit on each golf cart
    • Florida Registered Businesses – Use Attached Form below
    • Private Families – Please Contact Us For Financing

    How Much to Rent a Golf Cart / Scooter?

    In looking at different golf cart rental agencies, the average rental rate for a four passenger golf cart are around $110 per day and $500 for a month rental, but also if you break any golf cart rentals & leasing agreements or any damages on the golf car, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to pay extra cash. Besides, other expenses below need to take into account when rent a golf cart or scooter, such as wear-and-tear fees, consumable costs like gasoline & electricity, etc.

    1. Delivery fee for the golf cart(s), which is a range of around $40-$90 depending on delivery location and the size of the cart.

    2. Insurance ranges from around $15 to $18 per day.

    3. Sample schedule of charges for damages:

    Headlight (each)  $100 Windshield  $175
    Bench seat cut or burn  $150 Mid/Rear body repairs $300
    Leaning left or right  $150 Seat back cut or burn $100
    Steering repairs $250 Front cowl repairs  $300
    Lost key  $25

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    Clare Martin

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    My dad is playing golf with his friends next weekend, so he needs to rent a golf cart to use during the day of their hangout soon. I appreciate you informing us that aside from the rental fee itself, there are also other expenses to consider such as the delivery fee for the golf cart to the location and the insurance costs involved. I’ll be sure to share this with my dad while I help him find out where to rent golf carts in Anna Maria Island soon.

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    Shammy Peterson

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    I found it helpful when you said that renting a golf cart will charge you depending on the type and size of the cart. This is something that I will share with my parents because I heard that they want to rent one on Saturday to bond and roam around the community. They surely want to be financially prepared for all the fees that needed to be paid.

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