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Why So Much Demand for Fat Tires?

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Big Wheel

Electric micro-mobility has enormous potential to improve sustainable urban transportation systems. Many different types of electric scooter, ebike and electric motorcycle are typically used for short distance trips, enables more people to rely on walking, cycling, and public transit for more trips - and consider not driving a car instead. Among those electric vehicles, a rather newer type is the fat tire - not only the big wheels are better looking, it also has improved experiences while riding. Also wide wheels visually appealing and have a sporty character.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of fat bikes?

-Smooth, Quite, Carefree Rides, Mobility, Leisure, Powerful, Cool

In the past, fat tire were mainly known from motorsport or from tuned vehicles. But - what is a fat biking anyway? The most noticeable feature is its 4.0 to 5.0 inch overs wide wheels, their diameter can reach up to 30 inches and which are driven with low air pressure. Big wheel scooter not only have superior grip, but also safety and a lot of comfort

Although electric fat tire scooter / motorcycle have many advantages due to their scooter tires, there are also some disadvantages to riding fat scooters.

The advantages of fat bike

+ Comfort in many situations. Handle bumps and potholes like a champ, big wheels act like a shock absorber or a spring element. Fat tire scooter or bike is superior on riding comfort

+ Handle any terrain. With fat tire scooter you can defy almost any terrain and any weather - whether snow, sand, scree or desert. electric fat tire scooter / bike is available as summer, winter and all-season tires

+ Safer - Incredible grip and traction means less chance of wiping outs/injury, electric fat scooter ensures that the bike / scooter comes to a standstill faster and short distance when braking

+ Greater stability. Since wide tires have a much larger contact area on the road than standard tires, adult fat scooters are more stable especially when cornering

+ Easy to ride and fun.

+ Bigger tires for a better look. Fat tire adult bike / scooter are designed for a sporty driving style, cool looks

+ Wider wheels not always mean slower, check this 75km/h fat tire electric motorcycle (click)

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The disadvantages of big tires

- balloon tires means higher rolling resistance, electric moped with bigger steering forces. Like the self balancing scooter, riders need to use more of upper and lower body while in cornering mode, requiring less effort from your arms at the bars

- higher total cost of ownership. In addition to the material costs, the load on fat tire scooter from wide tires also increases, can be difficult for some to lift or push when the battery drains

In addition, the risk of aquaplaning increases with wide tires, because they cannot transport the water to the outside in the same way as thin tires.

Who is the fat tire suitable for?

The comfort of riding a fat tire bike scooter is pleasant even without a suspension fork and the tire volume neutralizes impacts very effectively. Since the driving behavior is different from a common adult scooter, it might not suitable for everyone. If you only ride on paved roads and never through forests or off-road, then a fat tire bike or electric scooter with seat makes little sense for you.

The big wheel scooter is useful if you often or exclusively go along off-paved roads, loose ground like sand or snow, because while a narrow tire shifts the ground, the fat tire adapts - this ensures excellent power transmission in snow, mud, gravel or sand. Its strengths are high traction and excellent grip - in every season of the year and all terrain surfaces. The fat tire electric bike is primarily about its cross-country mobility and of course the great fun factor that this adult scooter brings with it.

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What can fat scooter do? - Relaxed cruisers

Fat Tire Electric Scooter feels like a good choice for those looking to cruise in style and comfort. Electric big wheel scooter excels at commuting longer distances and silently rolling over ground. For those want a stable commuter that’s easy and fun to ride and have plenty of space to store it, this fat tire motorcycle is definitely worth consideration.

The fat tire electric scooter also used for various purposes. Custom motorized scooters not limited to these mentioned, here’s what they are best at.

  • Sightseeing
  • Commuting
  • Hunting
  • Beach Cruising
  • Golf Bag Scooter
  • Food Delivery Cart
  • Fishing
  • Camping

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