how to transport electric motorcycle

How to Transport Electric Scooter or Motorcycle?

March 08, 2020

How to Transport a Moped or Electric Scooter? 

Imagine you want to attend a rally with all your friends, but you can’t take the time off work to ride the entire way? Or maybe you find a nice golf course and it is couple of miles away; No matter which means of transport you entrust beloved bike scooter / motorcycle to, firstly measure the dimensions of the cargo area, weight and height of the scooter or motorcycle. Vans and pickup are more likely to accommodate a folding electric bike or scooter, but transporting a moped scooter in a car or SUV is not likely. On the other hand, it is important to make sure the ride is firmly fixed in right place, and no part of the motorcycle gonna scratched, bent or otherwise damaged as a result.

motorcycle transportation

How to Load Your Scooter?

More and more people prefer on electric scooters or ebikes for short trips, but when it comes to getting a lower-speed chopper or moped scooter further to camping, fishing, or home without getting on a freeway is a tall order.

You are not considering to lift the scooter, do you?

I don’t think so. No electric moped or golf scooter dry weighs less than 220 pounds.

Can they drive up a ramp into a truck bed?

Instead of pushing the weight up yourself, just let the motor do the work. Be careful! There are plenty of fail stories of ramps that slip off of the vehicle surface which leads to damage to the vehicle, ramps, scooter, and possibly yourself. You don’t want to be one of the FailArmy!

Strap the motorcycle to make sure it won’t move during the transport

Even a 50cc scooter is 200 or more pounds that could be propelled toward the front seats in the event of a rear collision. Imagine 200+ pounds coming at you without a barrier like you would have in a truck.

How Did True Professionals Do It?

In case you’re wondering how professional shipping companies do to ship chopper scooter and motorcycles safely, read on.


Step 1: Driveway via the ramp

drive up on a ramp

With sensitive clutch dosing in first gear, the ascent is almost a matter of course. An upside-down beer crate or the like makes the ascent easier for you as a step.

Step 2: support the front wheel

support the front wheel

In any case, make sure that the front wheel is firmly supported forwards. This can be the side wall of a transporter or the U-shaped steel bracket on a trailer.

Front wheel stands that fix the motorcycle in a vertical position are safe and practical. Then attach the front lashing straps.

Step 3: fix the handbrake

fix the handbrake

If the machine is in position on the loading area, the next step is to fix the handbrake with a sturdy rubber band, a cable tie or, most elegantly, with a brake lever clamp. This means that the motorcycle cannot roll away when it is lashed.

Step 4: Adjust the lashing straps

Adjust the lashing straps

When tightening the belts, make sure that the motorcycle is as vertical as possible. It is best to alternate between left and right. This is how you pull the motorcycle down about halfway through the travel. In the end, the machine must no longer be able to move. Shake the handlebars vigorously as a test.

Step 5: protect paint and chrome

Protect the painting

An old kitchen towel or a piece of foam rubber are effective remedies against abrasion damage.

Step 6: fix the lashing straps

fix the lashing straps

Don't forget to also fix the loose ends of the lashing straps at the end. This is especially true for transport on open trailers. In the wind, loose belts automatically turn into whips that can damage the bike or irritate other road users.

Seat belt control

Like paint and chrome, lashing straps also need protection from sharp-edged motorcycle parts. Always keep in mind that the motorcycle and seat belts are constantly shaken until you have reached your destination. Use the refueling or coffee breaks on longer journeys to check the lashing of the machine and to re-tighten the belts if necessary.

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