• Golf Scooter 2023

    Stay Ahead in The Technology Game

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  • Golf E-Motorcycle 2023

    Commuting / Cruising / Adventure

  • electric moped scooter

    Best Long Range Moped

    $0.36 per 50 miles at a single charge, 100% green power

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  • koppla electric motorcycle

    Built for Speed & Comfort

    Fat Tire Electric Scooter

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koppla scooters for golf

The Next Step in Golf Evolution

Added Power & Fun

3500W peak output. Feel the extra power from lush hilly terrain to stunning Oceanside courses!

Speed Up the Round

Max 27MPH. Take a few extra swings as an added bonus while keeping the pace moving!

Stay Focused

Enjoy some quality golfing time without golf cart conversation distractions.

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All Paths Lead to Comfort

For Efficiency, Reliability & Comfort, nothing comes closer than fat tires.

Fat Tire, Turf Friendly

Big wheel plus off road tire, masters of all terrain; Single rider golf cart reduce wear & tear, protect the course.

Versatile Vehicle

Whether go golfing, hunting, fishing, or all of above, this golf bike will fulfill all your outdoor passions.

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All terrain golf cart
  • Street Legal Electric Moped 2022

    stable / fast / durable / long range ever

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Bigger Battery, Longer Range

Long Range (40-50Miles)

40AH quick swap battery, running out of juice is no longer a problem!

8H Recharge

67.2V 5A Charger, fast recharge for smooth riding experience.

Zero Emissions; Low-to-No Maintenance

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electric scooter battery 40Ah
Two seat fat tire scooter

Built for Speed & Comfort

- Max 48MPH. Big Wheel Is Not Slower

- Ride Easier, Sprint Faster, Climb Better!

Peak 5000W, Instant 160 NM torque; Twice power knockout. Rocket to max speed in just few seconds!

- Roll Over Any Terrain & Going Anywhere!

Versatile vehicles, 215/40-12, fat tire for ultra stability & easy balancing.

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