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Why Golf’s Surge in Popularity During Pandemic

November 12, 2020

Why Golf is Surge in Popularity - COVID Winner 2021

Covid-19 has brought major changes to almost every aspect of daily life and we have had to quickly adapt to new ways of doing things. Things that were taken for granted before, like playing golf, traveling or attending events, suddenly came to a standstill. Among them, there is no doubt that golf has seen greater changes than ever in the past decades. It has succeeded as a sport and experienced a boom in popularity like never before.

  • In 2020 there were 24.8 million golfers in the United States, a 2% increase over 2019. The largest net increase in golfers in last 17 years, according to the NGF.
  • In July 2021, combined sales of golf clubs and balls increased 77% over last year; and 35% in relation to 2019,  reported NGF. 
  • The golf boom led to an increase in sales of items such as golf bag trolleys and even backyard greens at a cost of $ 30,000.

The foundation also counted 6.2 million new golf players, from rookies to those who returned to the sport, which was a new record, according to Golf Digest.

"There hasn't been so much optimism and new activity in the golf business since the turn of the century," wrote Joe Beditz, NGF president and CEO.

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Why did golf become so popular?

Golf has always been a sport with social distancing. Since golf is a non-contact sport practiced in large, open areas, it has adapted very well to post-confinement life. Outside of your group members, it is rare that you find yourself within six feet of someone during your time on the golf course (single rider cart). In many countries, golf was one of the first sports allowed after the quarantine. Players who enjoyed golf before lockdown have returned to the greens more than ever and new fans have joined them. More and more people are realizing the great benefits of a sport that presents its challenges and that is played in the middle of nature, and as a consequence golf has many new followers.

Besides, Golf vacation falls flat. Golfing under palm trees on the beaches of Mauritius or in the summer sun of the Algarve? Not this year. The pandemic has thrown the vacation plans of many golfers upside down - and is forcing them to play on local courses. Local clubs benefit accordingly from the sharp rise in green fee income.

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“We are busier than ever now,” said Craig Norman, Hobble Creek Golf Course's professional director. “Golf is one of the few outdoor sports he can do during the pandemic. The number of people has exceeded our expectations.”

Norman has seen people of all ages start playing golf while other recreational opportunities in the state are closed. He also acknowledged that people who normally go on vacation during the summer are staying in Utah and spending free time on the golf course.

"New players, both beginners playing their first round and lapsed golfers coming back to the game, account for the largest percentage of increased round on the green" Dodson said.

New era of golf

When looking for a safe outdoor sport, many people find golf who have previously pursued other sports. Social distancing is not a problem in golf; After all, staying six feet from other players when you have more than 6,000 meters of field is easy. Additionally, players have adapted other social aspects of the game to the new normal. Even with a variety of safety precautions - no ball washing, closed clubhouse, sand trap rakes - golf is one of the sports best positioned to weather the COVID-19 pandemic through social distancing norms. With less competition for outdoor activities, the pandemic has given golf an opportunity to attract new entrants, this is why single golf cart is booming during the coronavirus period, more and more golfers have turned to various single-rider cart options.

Reasons to buy an electric golf scooter? You may be:

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  • A golf club owner who wants to attract new golfers and boost more revenue
  • An environmentalist who care about the planet and the grass
  • An outdoor person who wants to use this golf scooter motorbike for hunting, fishing, camping etc

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