Fat tire electric scooter throttle not working - How to fix

Fat tire electric scooter throttle not working - How to fix

March 15, 2021

Fat tire electric scooter throttle not working

Why dose my Koppla scooter not engage

Key switch it has power, all my signals work and lights work, but scooter won’t start

When your electric scooter power on, display signal and lights OK but motor fails to start, then you may have a problem with the throttle, there could be a number of reasons for this:

- Eliminate the obvious problem of undercharge or no charge; inspect the throttle if it’s broken.

- The problem can also be that the connection between the throttle and controller is faulty. Eject the top deck pad to reveal the wiring and inspect the internal connections that include: throttle, controller and the brake lever. See of the wiring and connections are firm, you could un-plug & re-plug connectors.

- Replace the breast plate and check if this resolved the issue.

If the above troubleshooting methods failed to resolve your concerns, please email to open a support ticket. In order to expedite the process, please provide the following information:

Contact Information

Original Koppla Order # or Frame ID (if available)

Scooter Model and Purchase Year

Description of Problem (attach pictures and videos if possible)

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Why dose my Koppla scooter throttle not engaging

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