Due to COVID-19 restrictions like social distancing, courses have been forced to adapt. How to keep golfers safe while still keeping them on the course, a single-rider electric golf cart could be the answer.

Adhere to Social Distancing

Members and family only, no more than one person per cart; Short on golf cart rentals every weekend. Ride alone means safety during COVID. Golf Scooter would be the one-fits-all solution.

Fun & Cool

Golf scooters electric or golf motorcycles stand out and blast to ride compared to traditional golf carts, resemble more of a dirt bike or Chopper. The fun factor has been one of the biggest selling points!

Speeds Up the Round

The pace of play is a big deal, not only on the PGA Tour but also in amateur golf. You can never be a better golfer than having more time on practicing. The KOPPLA Swift motorcycle golf cart can be quite a time-saver!

Attracts Youth Golfers & Increases Revenue

Golf motorcycle increase profits by one-seat carts rentals. The biggest question with you is “When will my competitors gonna launch?

Multi-Purpose Vehicles

Where the weather is concerned, a golf scooter is more mobile than a four-wheeled golf cart. Use the KOPPLA Swift Golf Motorcycle for camping, hunting, fishing, beach cruising, or all of the above!

Fat Tire Golf Bike, Protects the Course

KOPPLA electric golf carts reduce the wear and tear on your golf course, and also, its 'big foot' kickstand prevents sinking into to grass, low-pressure turf tires protects turf and allows for stable parking.

Stay Focused

Folks treat golf cart electric like Jeeps in open space. But when you're on a golf bike, you have to be engaged. Ideal for players that had a long day and want some quality golfing time without golf cart conversation distractions.

Zero Emissions & Little-to-no Maintenance

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