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Discover How Easy It Is to Assemble Your Koppla Gator

February 07, 2020

Assembling your new Koppla Gator electric moped is easy!

Do you dream of owning a new Koppla Gator electric moped, but are intimidated by the idea of assembling it yourself? Do you curse any product that comes with more than one page of instructions. Fear not! Koppla Gators are delivered approximately 95% assembled and have been carefully designed to make DIY assembly as easy as 1-2-3. From start to finish, complete assembly of the Koppla Gator takes less than 30 minutes, and a team of professional bike experts is available to provide personal assistance when needed.

Getting Started

We have everything you need to assemble your new moped for immediate riding. The only thing you need to put together is front wheel and handle bar, easy-peasy.

What's in the box?

what is in the box - electric scooter

- KOPPLA Gator Moped
- 5A quick charger, rear view mirrors 1x pair
- Toolbox, spare screws
- Phone charger
- KOPPLA Helmet
- Rain cover
- Manual
- Thank you card

Almost ready to ride

Once your new Koppla Gator arrives, you're ready to start riding. Assembly consists of just a few super simple steps.

#1- Start the Gator: fully charge the battery before your first ride!

#2- Simple 1-2-3 assembly.

-Install the front wheel. (video)
-Install handlebar, plug dashboard, phone mount (video)
-Installing front fenders, mirrors (video)

#3- Safety checklist: Protect your headset/lever/cable connections. Check your brake pads, brake lines, and brake levers for proper response

#4- Customize your ride! : Tighten the rack, fender mounts, and any other accessories you want to add to your motorbike ...... and you're ready to hit the road!

If these 4 steps too simple for you, please check step by step assembly manual here.

Packing for Success

In addition to offering one of the best electric motorcycle in the U.S., Koppla has significantly upgraded the packaging so customers don't have to deal with unexpected shipping damage. Unfortunately, boxes can (and do!) take a serious beating in transit. With over a decade of experience packing and shipping e-bikes/e scooter, Koppla has designed advanced packaging materials that offer unparalleled protection from common cargo damage on shipping.

What else do you need to know?

Know your limits and your resources. After watching the assembly video and instructions, if you still feel overwhelmed or think you might need a hand, contact your local bike/scooter store. Becoming a scooter mechanic isn't necessary to own an electric scooter, but having a reliable scooter mechanic in your life is always a good idea.

If the above instructions failed to resolve your concerns, please email to open a support ticket. In order to expedite the process, please provide the following information:

Contact Information

Original Koppla Order # or Frame ID (if available)

Scooter Model and Purchase Year

For more after sale service support, please visit here.

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