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Koppla Fat Gator Moped Review - Samcrac

December 07, 2021

I Seen A Future Without Cars - and It's Amazing

Koppla Fat Gator Motorcycle Review

Samcrac: There's only one thing I don't like about driving nowadays is poor fuel economy. It's terrible like between 11 and 12 miles per gallon in the city and at almost four dollars a gallon for premium. It's hard if I just driving around, but then if you look at the other options that don't get very good gas mileage anyway, I'm not trying to spark the great gas debate, but it's so funny when i see my friends posting these pictures a seven dollar gallon premium in California, a bunch of people jump in the comments and are like, well it's definitely not this guy's fault.

Samcrac: Anyway I did something to combat the high fuel prices and the poor fuel economy on all my cars sage and I've been talking about getting a model three forever. Guess what I just went and picked up?

koppla fat gator unboxing

Samcrac: It's not really a car but let's go and head over to the warehouse. A few weeks back, when we put it all together, this thing's actually really cool. I just got this box delivered all the way from LA.

Samcrac: Supposedly it has the fastest, and I would use the word cheapest, but will be proper to say the most cost effective motorcycle, that's what they call, I think it's more like a moped it goes like 50 miles an hour.

koppla gator scooter

Samcrac: Let's open it up and see what we got, oh check this out, look, it even comes with like a motorcycle saddle bag, that's awesome, it's got a helmet. I was worried about bringing a helmet my ATV helmet has been worn for like ages. Look. that's nice. Dude, no way, this is way cooler than the motorcycle in that movie. Look at this thing, it's big, man, this is awesome, so yeah, this is like an all-electric Vespa and look at how nice it is look at, I wonder where you plug it in the charger.

Samcrac: So I guess we obviously have to put the tire on and we have to put the handlebars on. I think that's everything else in the those boxes are just like accessories. Oh, here's our digital gauge cluster.

Samcrac: This is really looking nice like, don't you think it looks good. Look how big it is, like that's one of the things when you're ordering online and you see the specs and you're like, yeah, but like how big is it, this is legit like the size of a regular motorcycle, just in the format of like a moped with a seat on it. So you can see I'm using all the appropriate tools for this, but i did notice in the box just was a couple keys and wrenches, so you really need minimal tools to assemble this thing, it's really simple. Look at that. and we got a lot of like satisfying actions on assembling this thing. All right so you just take this orange cable run it to the back. and oh, that's the battery pack there, look the removable battery just comes out, you see you probably lift the seat up and then it comes up and out, you see the handle on it.

removable battery scooter

Samcrac: So you know what it is, they offer different battery and speed options, so if like you live in Europe, you wanna a street legal model might have a lower speed setting. And if you want to upgrade to make it go faster and longer range, you probably just pull this out, i mean you see it's got a handle on it and then that's pretty neat.

Samcrac: So we're all plugged in and let's see if it fires up well, we need keys, you know what's nice about this, i noticed every used car i'm buying at the auction, has one key if i'm lucky, sometimes you gotta go find a key, look at how many keys they give you. And look at that, you can lock it and unlock it. So i'm just wondering which there's multiple keys for multiple things, let's figure this out, cool, all right, turn signal working all right, now, how do i ride this thing without killing myself. You don't just go for it, you got to put the helmet on first, you also want to test the brakes too, because I assembled that.

electric scooter on street

Samcrac: Looks like it's got a couple different modes, see it says like two, which i'm assuming is kind of like a safety thing you know, you don't want to start out in the highest mode and go 50 miles an hour right off the bat.

Samcrac: So let's see, this has three drive modes when you start it up. it seems to always default to setting two, and basically when you go to the top drive mode, it gives you all the torque and the top speed of 48 miles an hour, when you start things out, you're going to want to start in one just to get a feel for things. Now it's been a long time since I've ridden a motorcycle, but it was very simple to get used to this, with just about four or five minutes of driving, i felt very comfortable now. In its driving mode 2, it gets to 35 miles an hour, very quickly and has a claimed 48 mile per hour top speed and 70 miles per range. I've gotten over 40 miles an hour a couple times, to really get that top speed you need a really well charged battery.

45 mph scooter

Samcrac: While you're driving it, again. it's just really smooth because it's all electric and it feels stable. it doesn't feel flimsy or cheap, this is not like a mini bike you're driving around. this is a full-size pretty large moped, and one thing that i was initially concerned about is the suspension, because sometimes the suspensions on these Chinese motorcycles can be cheap, while this one feels pretty plush. Maybe a lot of that also has to do with the seat. it's really comfortable and large. They actually mentioned on their site that it's large enough for two riders. it has quality disc brakes when you're going 40 miles an hour, you definitely want these and they seem to work pretty good.

Samcrac: One of the things I really liked is this kickstand, so i had the kickstand out and i was trying to start the bike up and it wasn't moving and the whole entire time, i thought it was broken like right out of the box, but no, it's because the kickstand kill switch, that's really cool. As you saw it comes with a bunch of different accessories, one of the cool ones is the cell phone holder, that connector that you saw me plug in earlier, with that will actually is grabbing power off the motorcycle, and there's a plug on this mount itself that you can plug directly into your cell phone, and it will charge your phone as your ride. So again, it just really nice modern tech.

Samcrac: If you want to go and register this and drive it on the streets, you can check your local laws on scooters or mopeds.  And charging the battery is easy like plugging in your laptop, you can literally leave it in the motorcycle or if you live in an apartment and want to take it with you, you can go and just unlock the seat, lift it up and then the battery pulls right up and out. it's not even latched in anywhere. it just sits snugly in its little compartment.

street legal scooter

Samcrac: The main thing that attracted me to this was its price when i bought it a couple months ago was 3 800 bucks shipped, I just went back on their site it's even cheaper now it's like 33 or 3 400 shipped. This is a KopplaMoto Fat Gator. And if you consider that price compared to what you're gonna find used on marketplace, it's gonna be tough to find something in brand new condition with all the accessories down to the tools you need to install it, 70miles of range 48 mile an hour top speed. There's a lot of other electric motorcycles out there in the same price, range, but none of them with the specs, at least not that i found. The closest thing i could compare this to would be like a Honda Grom, but the biggest difference being that a Grom is gasoline, so it's going to be kind of noisy while you're driving it at speeds, whereas this is pretty much silent because it's electric, and the Grom is about three thousand dollars retail, they end up selling for a bit more when you go to the dealer and buy one. So again i think this is a tremendous value especially now the price has come down on them and I've been having a ton of fun just taking it around town.

Samcrac: I'll drop a link to the KopplaMoto website down in the description box in case you guys want to check them out for yourself, so the electric moped is going to take care of my poor fuel economy.

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