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Fat Tire Electric Scooter Review - Koppla Fat Gator

November 20, 2021

I Finally Bought a New Vehicle and You Won’t Believe What It Is

Scotty Kilmer: I bought an electric vehicle, but i'm starting with the basics, here is a Koppla fat gator, electric motorcycle that goes 48 miles an hour, it even came with this cool helmet, I've actually been tested on electric motorcycles and electric bicycles for a while, and this has to be my favorite I do have to say, and in the interest of honesty, nobody's paying me any money to talk about their vehicles, i get the vehicles, i try them out, i tell you what i think about it.

Scotty Kilmer: Now i assume the companies that have the vehicles that I like are ecstatic when i talk about them, but then again the ones that i don't talk about are probably mad as heck. But hey, i test them out and i'll show you which ones i feel are the best, now my wife hates machines but she loves this thing, and men, it's not just some cutie little thing.

Scotty Kilmer: Check out the back tire, look at this thing, you want to talk about a real fat tire, look at it, you can go solo or you can put the paddles out, so the passenger can sit, and it's quite comfortable. Got dual shocks on the back and dual shocks in the front, now it isn't just some little toy, it's an actual electric scooter that can go 48 miles an hour.

fat tire motorcycle scooter

Scotty Kilmer: Three speed ranges: one, two and three, and three it can go 48 miles an hour. and you might say, oh that's dangerous, how you going to stop it, well, it's got full actual disc brakes with pads drilled rotor in the back. and we go to the front, got the same thing, excellent design has aluminum alloy wheels for less weight, so it accelerates faster. and for your techie guys, it's got a 5 000 watt peak motor in the hub, as you can see it's direct drive the motor's inside here, it's inside the hub. and when we flip the seat up, it's got a nice lock, so people don't steal your battery. It's got a strong 40Ah battery, there's the plug you can charge it on the bike, or you can unplug it and just pull it up. There it is one serious battery, and the motor itself has 118 pound-feet of torque. That's a lot of torque for a little bike. it's not a toy, it's got a stainless steel frame. It's one solid bike.

speed mode scooter

Scotty Kilmer: Now there's a 100% electric scooter, you got to worry about range, they say it can go up to 60 or 70 miles, i got to say the furthest i've gone is 50. i don't trust how far are you going to go, i'll go out 25 miles and i'll come back 25 miles, it's got all kinds of instrumentation on it, to tell you what's going on, as you can see when we turn, shows range, miles per hour, various speeds you can have it on, if you want to go slower, you start in one, then it only goes up to like 20 mph, goes a little faster, then two at 35 mph and it goes up to the full 48 miles an hour and three, this fat tire electric scooter, it's not a toy, it's got a horn, four-way flashers, turn signals because they're street legal, there's a turn signal and headlight, and there's the connector where you can plug in your cell phone and charge it. And one guy said what's the water in here, well of course it's not water, it's brake fluid, like i said, fully functional front and back just breaks, and yes it accelerates very quickly, but it also decelerates quickly.

street legal scooter

Scotty Kilmer: With those fat tires you got a lot of contact, it doesn't skip, and it's not like one of those scooters with skinny little tires. Years ago I road tested some gasoline once, and the guy at the place that was selling, Hey Scotty, take it for a ride on the road, so i did, and i'm used to driving motorcycles with big tires, right, and these are skinny little gasoline motorcycle moped, and it went like 45 miles an hour, but the tires were skinny, when i turned the whole thing, flipped over, ripped my jeans, luckily it didn't break my knee, it just got it all swollen up, and that was years ago and I was probably in better shape than i am now, but, this thing with these wide tires, it corners quite well and the brakes are totally responsive.

fatboy scooter

Scotty Kilmer: And as a safety feature, you can't turn the headlight on, it's on the whole time you can either have low beam or high beam, but you can't turn it off. so people will see you, and guess what, it's got a built-in burglar alarm, these are cute people might want to steal them, now it's armed, now it's off. and here's what happens when you arm it. Watch i'm going to steal this, maybe not. Unlike a real gasoline motorcycle, in case you think somebody doesn't care and they're going to wheel it away anyways. it's heavy. you're not really going to pick it up, you have to wheel it away. as you can see here, you lock it, and it's got a fork lock, if they're gonna push it, they can only push it around in circles, makes it a lot harder to steal.

Scotty Kilmer: Now i've been showing all my friends here and they're saying, oh man, let's put an extended front end and make it into a chopper. Well you don't have to do that, the company's already beat you to it. there's their chopper, now the chopper has less range because it's got a smaller battery, there is a battery but not the big one, it's a smaller battery, that's built in, so it has much less range.

electric scooter removable battery

Scotty Kilmer: Now since it's running on 67volts, it's a pretty powerful little bike i gotta say. i can go anywhere of course with those fat tires, beaches, off-road terrain, you know whatever you want to go around, and as for me of course, i'm always gonna be worried are, you gonna run out of electricity, well, here's an interesting fact, there are companies out there you can insure them and you get insurance, so if you run out of power, then they'll come and they'll tow you back home. not a bad idea when my fans came here, he's got one, and that's exactly what he did, when he ran out of power, they just come and they bring him back home, or you can get an extra battery from Koppla Scooter online store.

Scotty Kilmer: Because realize this is an electric moped that goes 48 miles an hour. it just runs off battery power, unlike these electric bicycles that also run on battery power, but they also have eight speed gears on them, this one has eight speed Shimano derailleur, so you run out of power, hey you just pedal home, you're not going to be pedaling this baby home, it's a heavy vehicle, this baby weighs 242 pounds, big heavy battery, you're not gonna want to push this thing if you run out of power. so it's probably a smart idea to get one of those insurance policies that has towing involved in it. electric scooter review

Scotty Kilmer: Now the moment you've all been waiting for, we'll take it for a ride, it does take off pretty fast, here we go, we're going uphill too, realize that, we try that again on a less bumpy road. here we go, it screams, it's great for a trip to the ocean and going on the beach. now i have to say i'm pretty impressed by this little moped scooter, i only got one drawback, it was very simple to fix, unfortunately when they sent it, the kickstand was designed wrong, so when I kicked it down and put on the incline, I kept having a tendency of teetering over, so for me it was an easy fix this stuck down at an angle, i bent it so it goes flat now, it doesn't fall down, i just heated it up, once i got it glowing red clamped my vice grip and pulled, pulled. and eventually i got it to bend as you can see, so it's flat on the ground, before it was all pointy, it was kind of ridiculous but hey no big deal, you can bend these, you can put a longer one on, whatever you want, that's good steel i'll paint it later, because i got the paint all warped from heating it up with a torch, but it bent quite easily, you can see little grip marks. it's not rocket science i had to jack it up in the air and put it on a stump, so it didn't fall over when i was doing the work, because i'm too lazy to take it apart. realize that heat works wonders even on electric scooters.

Scotty Kilmer: so if you're looking to have fun on an electric scooter you might check one of these out.

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