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Koppla Gator Review - The Inja

October 16, 2021

 70 Miles Range, Max 45 Mph Moped - Road Test

The Inja: Hey guys welcome back to the channel, today i am giving an extended test to the Koppla Fat Gator, I usually don't do two videos on one thing, but this is actually pretty cool, so i figured i'd do a second one, this is a full-size moped slash scooter kind of thing, it's a 60 volt battery and a 3000 watt motor in the rear, it peaks at five and they give you the peak spec on their website, so they say it's a 5000 peak motor and today i'm gonna get this thing on the road, and see how much range i actually get, they estimate it does 70 miles per charge, and today we're gonna figure out if that's true or not.

45mph electric moped

The Inja: all right the time has come, let's get this bad boy on the road and see if we get 70 miles of range or not, and the battery is 100% topped off, so let's see if we even get a higher top speed than we did last time, we got 44 miles per hour last time, i tested this the battery was reading full but it may not have been at 100%, and this test kind of is pointless because you're never going to roll at 100 all the time, so whatever miles per hour we got last time was a fair, estimate of its actual top speed ,but anyway let's get this thing on the road and see what we get.

The Inja: apparently that's how you turn on the headlight, i was wondering for so long, i was like holding down these buttons and there you go, high beam, low beam, how about that! also one thing I realized, i never did show you guys and have never done actually, I've never done this, take the seat off, [Applause], wow, okay, that i will say that's actually a pretty substantial battery pack! how about that?

scooter removable battery

The Inja: Definitely feels a lot better now, that the rear tire has some air in, it as always first impressions are this thing is fun, it's uh not insanely fast but it's just kind of different, dude, it's like, it's huge, and so it feels like you're just sitting in some comfortable chair, just kind of wafting your way down the road, you can hear that this thing does have regen on braking, it seems i'm just going to take this down, it says it's a 40 mile per hour speed limit, let's see what i can get for the top speed, now we're at 43, i'm going to reduce my drag coefficient, here 44, okay, yeah i think that's about all we're gonna get, i do have to GPS this to see if 44 is a real top speed or not, i'm going to just pull over right here, reset everything, all right and we are tracking, see what we get, hopefully these guys hit over 40. that's actually a concern on this thing.

The Inja: it's quick enough in town to where traffic might irritate you, but it's not fast enough to where it's like if you're on a 50 mile per hour road, you're almost slowing down all the traffic, you know, but i mean just for everyday normal commuting, this thing seems pretty decent, all right reduce that drag coefficient, it handles bumps decently well, it's nothing spectacular but i don't feel sketched out by any of the bumps, and I just hit some pretty large like manholes, all right we're at 44. now i'm gonna pull over quick like, and then see if my… that was a police officer, honestly as far as law enforcement goes on this thing, he didn't seem to mind, i believe that was a highway patrol, it looked like one that would pull you over for a speeding ticket or something, but yet, these things are not DOT approved, so they are not plated but they are being sold, so i think they classify as like a moped, i don't know how those really classify themselves, but i did watch somebody else who a cop pulled over his riding buddy on a motorcycle, he had an electric like Sur Ron type bike, and the cop just said to keep his Sur Ron in the bike lane, so i'm i'm sure that's, yeah, how about that! 44 mile per hour max speed, let's see if we can beat it, i'm just going to leave it there, 44.0 miles per hour, but it's good to know that we can trust a speedometer to be reading accurately.

scooter speedometer

The Inja: All right, full throttle, let's get this thing, like get as much tuck as i possibly can, i feel so weird and i got a bug in my eye, this is a good combination, all right 43 44. see if we can hit that 45, get real tucked here, yeah i think that's all, oo, 45! yeah boy! wonder if they classify this as like an off-road scooter, probably don't but i'm gonna figure it out. I feel like this closed prematurely, it says 44.4, but whatever, close enough! we'll just say 45 miles per hour, because i feel like at some point you can get that extra 0.6, if i just like tucked a little bit more, took off a heavy jacket, took off my shoes, now that's out of the way.

The Inja: Let's get the full rain, i'm just going to start riding this thing and see how far it takes me definitely corners a lot smoother with the tires aired up, all right, where do i want to go this is, this is exciting, where do i want to go! also as i'm riding i mentioned it before, but i might as well say it again, i am doing more of a stress test on this, i am full throttle all out, all the time as often as i can, i feel like i should zip up my jacket because if i were to wipe out, i feel like that would be something i'd want to have zipped up. i'm going faster than traffic on this road.

street legal moped electric

The Inja: it would take some getting used to it, doesn't turn quite like a motorcycle, yeah, it's super long in small tires, it didn't feel bad it, just felt weird, so that is the Koppla Gator moped overall, i really like it, the build quality is spot on, really good feeling scooter, slash moped to ride around, really comfortable ride, kind of cool, a lot of people are actually looking at me, i can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing when i'm riding around, there's a lot of people just turning heads, kind of thing, but it is actually kind of swaggy like it's actually kind of growing on me, coming from a sport bike world, all about looking good.

The Inja: 35miles range, it's enough to commute around town, i can go all the way across our city and all the way back if i wanted to, on one charge, so i feel like 45 miles per hour, 30 miles of range, and build quality and style, you know, i got people breaking their necks all the time, looking at this thing, i feel like just the overall, this is justified for around 3 500 or so, 4 000 i think was just a little bit too much, so i think as competition of these models, starts to build and costs start coming down for actually manufacturing them, i think these are still going to keep decreasing in price, they won't go too low because again it's a good build quality, so if you keep going too low in price, you're just cutting corners on these, getting lower end parts for it.

golf scooter cart

The Inja: as far as it being registered and riding on the roads, i'm not sure how that's going to work out. i did pass a lot of police officers yesterday as i was riding it, and they didn't seem like they cared, and i was riding on the streets next to them, so i feel like at this point, these are kind of just under the radar type things, you could ride around commute on and NOT get in trouble for it.

The Inja:  that's pretty much it, we got 45 miles per hour top speed, we got 35 mile range, and we got a lot of broken necks, people trying to look at us when we're flying by at 45 miles per hour, so that's pretty much it, Koppla Gator, everybody, i will leave a link in the description below if you guys want to check it out more, so be sure to smash that like button and we'll catch you guys next time.


Raider: It grew on me big time. Pretty nice looking Machine. I'd get one. Thank you!

Tanya Loves Titties: It's a 3kw motor on a 2kw(40ah) battery. Driving at 23 mph would draw 750w per hour for 3 hours(2kw usage) equals 70 miles range. It's easy to figure out range of electric vehicles by speed. 750w per hour gets you 23mph.... 1500 watts per hour gets you 32 mph..... 3000w per hour gets you 45 mph etc as long as vehicle weighs between 100-200lbs. every 2x of power draw gets you 35 percent faster speed. Anyone interested in a cheap and capable electric bike should wait for next year's Metacycle for 5k. it can get 80 miles range at 45mph with a top speed of 70-75mph. If you got money to burn you can achieve same basic specs as Metacycle 4kw(200 lbs) with Zero FXS 7.2kw(300lbs) for 12k. Except Zero can hit between 85-100 mph top speed with custom settings.

Kentucky Cornbread: Nice looking scooter except that seat, I’m sure they probably have different color options. I’m always curious about how these electric bikes do on long hill inclines. Anyways, that was a fair review.

Geass Sogeki: We all EV users pretty much know that in the most of EVs specially this small ones you get about half to 60% of the range when hammering all the time so I think this one is pretty good

James Bond: No electric vehicle will make the manufacturer’s claimed full range on top speed, even the Tesla can’t do that. You have to ask the manufacturer or refer to the manual to find out at what speed it can do 70miles. If the manufacturer told you this machine could do 70miles at full speed on a single charge then you have a point, if not then it’s probably a bad review.

cm tech: Yep, as already stated, 50-60% of advertised range is common practice if you're floorin' it all the time.  Even in a Tesla this is normal.  So I'd say that their 70 mile advertised range is pretty normal for what they're selling people.

It sorta grew on me since the last video also.  I'm sorta diggin' it.  Not enough to fork out that much dough on one, but hey, maybe if that's your thing, then who am I to judge.

Arma Gideon: It looks to be a pretty solidly built moped and I like the beefiness of it. I think I'd get one, even though stylistically it's kinda' really cool looking.

Eric Liu: If you go full throttle all the time, the max mileage will be cut to around 60% of its maximum due to the efficiency of the battery and engine. Next time you can try 30mph. One other thing needs to be taken into consideration, lithium battery doesn't discharge well when the environment temperature is low.

Esk8 Jaimes: 30miles range sounds about right considering always going full-throttle, will likely do 30-40miles if used in slower speed zones/city areas.

Joli Mixx: Wow that is one cool looking machine ! ❤ Happy Thanksgiving Inja...🦃🦃

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