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Best Commuter Scooter - Koppla Gator Review by Ian

December 27, 2021

50 Miles Commuter Scooter Electric - Road Test

Ian: This is the Koppla Gator, one of the most capable electric scooter for adults on the market, and today we're gonna be taking you guys on a test ride of this fatboy scooter, and we're just gonna be basically showing you all the amazing features this fat scooter has to offer, we're also gonna be leaving a discount code down in the description, so you guys can get 200 off if you're looking to buy one of these awesome electric scooters. So let's get into the video right now.

Ian: This is the Koppla Gator moped scooter, guys, and it's a pretty amazing little fun scooter, so we're going to be taking it on a ride, I think that's the best way to show you guys some of the features of it. So we're gonna take it on one of my favorite roads local here, and we're just gonna go have a good time ride this thing around, so this is a pretty capable fat tire scooter. It's a awesome commuter scooter, especially with gas prices getting just out of control like they are, the range on this ride around 50 miles, and top speed around 48 miles an hour. so when you're talking about full electric scooters, obviously 48 miles an hour is pretty fast. it's definitely enough to get you around town whatever you need to be doing.

fat boy scooter

Ian: There's plenty of places where this electric scooter would be awesome, like street legal, this in the state of Florida obviously, I would recommend that you check your local and state laws, but in Florida, you do not have to register this moped because it is fully electric, so that's actually kind of awesome, it saves you a little bit of money there. You don't have to insure it, although I probably would, but it's not something that you have to do. I believe they require a Florida license still, but you don't have to have a motorcycle license at all to ride one of these.

Ian: So it does have three power modes, there's a little red switch over here to the right, and by clicking the switch, it's gonna take you through power mode, one two and three, power mode one is the lowest setting, it's going to get you right around 20 miles an hour, power two is going to get you to around 30 miles an hour, and then power three is basically unlocked, it's going to take you upwards of that 48 miles an hour, so along with being obviously quick enough to stay in traffic.

scooter speedometer

Ian: It also has a lot of safety features that you're going to be required to have if you're going to be riding around in traffic, so it has high beam and low beam, headlights, it's going to have a sequential, turn signal system, so left and right blinkers, it has a pretty awesome horn, actually the horn is kind of like one of my favorite features of escooter. We actually right in front of you guys is the Ariel rider Grizzly which my wife is on, and um that's a pretty awesome e-bike, but it doesn't have a horn whatsoever it's just got this little stupid bell, so i really wish they would have had a horn on that. It would have been much much nicer to see the arrow rider Grizzly with a horn, especially since it is a pretty fast e-bike. so i was glad to see that they put a really nice horn on this.

street legal scooter

Ian: You're also going to get dual hydraulic brakes on this, so plenty of stopping power for however fast you're going to be traveling on this, and honestly, guys, the electric ride is so comfortable on it, this Koppla Gator is amazingly comfortable, super duper duper stable being that it's a fat tire, um, it just needs to stay straight up, and fat tires take corners really well, it's not the most nimble bike I've ever been on, but it's definitely one of the most stable ebikes I've ever been on. and like i said the comfort on the Fat Gator seat is just insane, you could ride on scooter for hours no problem.

Ian: The only thing I can say that I kind of don't like about it, i hope to somewhat changes here on t he display.  It's definitely not intuitive enough. um like the battery indicator kind of has these like one two three bars, and it just i wish it told you a percentage, so you could kind of judge where you're at a little better. you know that's the only real complaint i have is i just wish the display was a little more intuitive a little better.

Ian: So let's run this big boy scooter see what i can do, speed limit is 40 through here, so i don't think i'm in too much jeopardy of beating the speed limit. it is faster than the Grizzly though, still super super smooth, we are at 39, 40, 41. 41 miles an hour and obviously we're not at a full charge, but you know we've had it 46 already, so it's pretty dang good, 40 miles an hour cruising around, it's not bad. this bad boy scooter is freaking awesome, so this is a pretty amazing commuter scooter.

scooter seat

Ian: We've had a few weeks now to check this thing out after getting it assembled, it did take quite some time to get it here with all the shipping delays happening because of Covid,  but it has finally arrived, so first of all, this is actually a street legal scooter, it has everything that you would need for a street legal registration. It has mirrors, headlight, brake lights, tail lights, sequential turn signals and a horn. and actually the horn is actually pretty good.

Ian: So i'm going to go over some pros and cons, tell you guys all the information you need to know about this. I'm also going to leave a link down in the description that you guys can use if you want one of these, you're going to get 200 off on the purchase price which is pretty amazing. so we did pay for this electric bike, we did get the scooter at a discount, they did not pay for the review in any way. so everything that you're going to hear here is my own opinions on. if I like this or not and believe me, guys if i hate this thing i will 100% tell you that is garbage and i hate it. so let's get into everything that i like and everything that i don't like about this bike.

Ian: So let's go over some specs on this, this electric scooter is actually equipped with a 5,000 watt motor peak and it's about 3,000 watts continuous. Some of the other amazing features are going to be the 40 amp battery to give you around 50 miles of range. That motor and scooter battery combined is going to give you speeds of up to about 48 miles an hour, we've been able to get this about 46 miles an hour which is pretty fast, it does have a 350 pound load capacity on it. It does have dual hydraulic brakes and they are very very capable of stopping this bike.

koppla gator moped scooter

Ian: You'll also probably notice that this is a fat tire electric scooter, so it is super super stable when doing whatever you're going to be doing on it. Actually my son and my wife ride this fatboy scooter together, and they definitely feel super stable on this. It definitely wants to stay upright. one of the other amazing features about this scooter is how absolutely insanely comfortable this is. It is super comfortable to ride, the cushion seat is super comfortable just to be cruising around on. You could easily sit on this scooter and cruise around all day. So if you live in a place like st Augustine the Florida, keys some of these bigger cities, scooting is a super awesome way to travel around the city and avoid some of that traffic. I know down in the keys scooters are huge with gas prices continuing to rise as they do, an electric scooter is definitely probably the way of the future. Especially as gas prices reach all-time highs, so this electric bike has some unique features and some stuff that i personally really hate about.

electric scooter for adults

Ian: So security features are one of the main things that i actually love about this electric bike, so when you have a bike like this and you're out traveling around, you're going to places, and leave it somewhere, so being able to lock it up and secure it is one of my major concerns, as none of these bikes are cheap, we also have Ariel Rider Grizzly which is a very expensive e-bike, and we're always worried when we take them out and the e-bikes that we have don't have nearly the amount of security that, this does, and i wish some of the e-bike companies would actually take some of these features and put them onto some of the electric bikes.

Ian: First of all, you have a key that actually goes in the ignition, without the key in the ignition, the scooter will not do anything. somebody would have to physically push this moped scooter, which i really like that it has an ignition key, so many scooters now have lockable batteries and this one is no different, so the battery itself is not physically lockable but it is under the seat, and the seat is lockable, so without the key to this, you would not be able to get into this. so once you unlock and raise the scooter seat, you can gain access to this massive 40 amp hour battery. You do not need to do this in any way shape or form to charge this battery, you can do it with the seat completely down, you never have to take the battery out to charge or anything like that. so that's actually kind of great, that's actually one of the first safety features that i really like. Somebody's not going to be able just to walk up and grab your battery.

removable battery

Ian: So we move on to more features. Another thing and one of the greatest things that i really really love about this is the fact that when you turn this wheel all the way over, they have a lock in the front of this, and you can actually lock this front wheel in this position to where if somebody tried to walk off this fantastic bike, they would basically just be walking this thing in circles, and because this is a larger bike, it's not like it's going to be very easy for somebody just to pick it up and take it with them. they're definitely going to have to roll this, move this whatever now if they do try to roll this moped.

Ian: Even with all of those safety features, there is an alarm on the electric scooter, so currently we've just armed the alarm, so if somebody tries to walk off of this, it's going to trigger that alarm, so just for demonstration purposes i'm going to show you, i have set the alarm, so if i go to move this bike, the alarm is going to go off, it's definitely loud, it's definitely going to get people's attention, and whoever's trying to take your bike is definitely going to think twice about trying to roll that off of. This alarm going off, so as you can see as soon as i moved it, the alarm went off, now to stop the alarm you just have to hit the unlock button, and that's it so i really really like that feature. Hopefully we won't have any issues with that alarm. so far so good, we've had no problems with it, but i do like that feature so if i park this fat scooter out in front of a restaurant, somewhere i can lock it up, lock the front tire and i can definitely feel confident that when i get back, this electric bike will still be there, so i can't say the same for some of our other ebikes, like I said with the Grizzly, i've got big chains and all kinds of stuff that I lock up on it, because it's much easier to steal one of those bikes, and it doesn't have nearly the amount of safety features that this bike has, which i really really like all the thought and detail that went into the security features.

koppla electric moped

Ian: So the next thing on my list is build quality. this fat scooter is beefy, it's robust, it's heavy, it just feels well built. I haven't had any issues with this the paint on the scooter, looks amazing. which I can't say for some of our other bikes, it is a powder coated, kind of flat finish and it looks fantastic. so this fat tire scooter build quality i think is top notch, there are some plastic pieces on this bike like the front & rear fenders, and then these pieces up in the center here, the covers are plastic, but for the most part the bike frame, handlebars, all the suspension parts are all super solid welded metal, bars and the welds on there look fantastic, they definitely did a good job with that, and like i said the powder coating, so far has been really really good.

Ian: Now another thing that i love about this fat tire scooter is how quiet and smooth it is, even at like 40 miles an hour, this big boy scooter is absolutely smooth as glass and super super quiet, making it just a super fun ride no matter where you're. We actually had the opportunity to take this to Saint Augustine recently and ride it around the city for the night of lights, anyone that's been to Saint Augustine knows that traffic there is an absolute nightmare, and hopping on something like this was so nice, just to be able to ride around the city. It was so much easier to navigate and get to places, that would be much more difficult just in a normal automobile.

fat bear scooter

Ian: So as far as range goes on this fat boy, obviously this isn't a bike, so you're not going to be pedaling it, so the range is kind of set in stone. We were able to get a right around 48 miles on this, and that was driving it through ST Augustine now. We didn't drive this scooter at full throttle the whole time, that was with varying speeds anywhere from like 20 to 40 miles an hour, and like i said we were able to get almost 50 miles on a single charge, so this bike is very very capable as far as range goes, with it having a removable battery, you could obviously purchase a second battery and keep it with you as a spare if that's something that you want to do.

Ian: If you're planning on traveling 100 miles, let's say in a day, but for normal commutes this thing is going to be rock solid, you could easily ride this commuter scooter back and forth to work. say your work's 15 miles away easy could take this ride back and forth to work, especially like i said with the gas prices getting the way they are. having an electric scooter like this is kind of awesome.

removable battery motorcycle

Ian: I wanted to talk about how this fits in as far as laws go, so obviously you're going to want to check your laws in your local area because they are going to differ from state to state. but in Florida and boulevard county where i'm at, because this fat scooter is fully electric, they do not require it to be registered now with that being said because it's considered an under 50cc scooter, it does have to be ridden on the street now. The fact that this thing goes about 46 miles an hour, it means that you can pretty much ride it on most major roads, this would not be okay on any type of highway situation, and i would not ride this bike on a road that's posted 50 miles an hour or greater.

Ian: As far as the suspension goes on this scooter, it is super super solid, it feels really good, uh in my opinion, it is a little bit soft but that is kind of the way this bike was designed. it's supposed to be a really really comfy commuter type scooter, so the suspension being a little soft doesn't really bother me. I do wish the suspension was adjustable, our Ariel Rider Grizzly has a fully adjustable suspension, you can actually stiffen the front and rear and make the ride to your liking, I do wish they would have put adjustable suspension on this, and that's actually probably something that i can upgrade in the future.

Ian: So be on the lookout for that video, so this fat tire electric scooter came with a lot of packed features i love, the fact that it came with this awesome cell phone holder, it came with a front saddle bag, it came with a DOT helmet and a motorcycle cover, two sets of keys, the alarm. it just came with a lot of stuff for the money. So these are priced right about 3,500 I think, like i said you are gonna get 200 off with my code.

Ian: So let's talk about some of the stuff that i don't like about this moped scooter. one thing that actually is a con on the moped is the kickstand, so they went over in great detail making sure that this scooter had everything perfect and everything robust except for the kickstand. It's got kind of this like chintzy thin kickstand on it, when you put the scooter on, it it's just not super stable, and we take this electric scooter out and camping a lot, and we're in like kind of wooded or loose sandy areas, and our Grizzly does very well. it has a very fat based kickstand on it. This is a very thin base kickstand, and because of the shape and design of this kickstand itself, it doesn't allow for the e-bike to sit super super steady, so it is fairly easy to tip this over with this kickstand.

Ian: Other than kickstand, i only really have one other complaint, and it's kind of nitpicky to be honest with you, but the display on this electric moped is not super intuitive and not super awesome. What the one thing that i really don't like about it is the battery life display on it is in bars, it doesn't give you any percentage whatsoever. so as you're riding this and as you're getting lower in battery voltage, you really don't know because of the way that the battery indicator is on, this i wish that it had a percentage on there or just was a little more intuitive as far as the battery life goes on it, so because it has a mile counter you can obviously keep track of that based on mileage and know your battery life, but I just wish that the display was a little more intuitive.


Ian: So now we gotta get down to the nitty-gritty is this bike worth it? so in my opinion, i'm kind of an electric bike lover, i love all things electric, and i actually really like this scooter. And because my wife and my son are able to ride this while i'm on one of the other e-bikes or we're out and about on the trails, this thing is actually super super versatile, i love pretty much everything about it, um i will probably be adding some accessories, i would like a little back rack on this in case i'm like trying to carry some groceries or something like that.

Ian: Now we got to talk about whether or not i think this fat bike is worth it, and with so few cons i have to say that i would definitely buy this fat tire bike again, it is definitely worth it. the bike rides and feels fantastic, 46 miles an hour on electric scooter is pretty awesome. i actually kind of want to find somebody with a Honda Ruckus, because that's what this reminds me of is a factory style Ruckus, so I would love to find a factory Ruckus in race, a factory Ruckus with one of these just to kind of get an idea of how this compares to a Ruckus, so hopefully we're going to be doing that in a video very very soon, so i can't wait for.

Ian: This is actually a test ride facility, so if you are in the market for one of electric vehicles, but you're like, man, i'd really like to get on one of these before i spend that kind of money and you're in Florida, definitely check me out, you guys can come check out the bike in person for yourself, and actually take it on a ride for yourself before you purchase one of these, i wish i had the opportunity to ride one of these before i purchased it, but thankfully we were one of the first people to receive one of these. so i'm trying to help you guys out by letting you guys check one out in person, so like i said if you are in Florida and you'd like to check one of these out, let me know down in the comments, and we can get that set up for you guys.

Ian: If you guys are interested in one of these commuter scooter or any of the other bikes on the Koppla site, I will leave a link to their website down below, so you guys can check out all the other products, and i also have that discount code for you guys. that's going to give you 200 off of one of these Koppla scooters. if you're interested in owning one Chopper scooter for yourself, like i said if you guys are interested in, maybe checking one out personally or taking a test drive on one. let me know down in the comments,  and i appreciate you guys hitting that like and subscribe button for me it helps me do more awesome videos like this and get a hold of more awesome brand new products like this one.

Ian: So i do appreciate you guys supporting the channel, you guys have been awesome, so with that being said, guys, that's all i have for this one. we will see you guys on the next one, we'll definitely be doing some more with this bike like some range test and just some more city driving.

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