Koppla Swift Motorcycle Golf Cart


Free Cooler Box 12L | Pickup at Ontario CA 91761 to save $300!

Why Golf Scooter? 

Time to get a premium golf scooter that speeds up play, makes it easier to be ready for the next shot, turns heads on the course, and is a blast to ride!

The 100% electric golf scooter does all of these things and more!

It's affordable, reliable, efficient, silent, unique, easy to ride, and fun

Added Power & Fun: Peak 3500W Motor, Extra Power on Hilly Terrain

Speed Up the Round: Max 27 MPH (45KPH)

Multi-Round: 25Ah Li-Battery, Up to 40 Miles Range

ATV Bike: Off Road Tire, Can Go Anywhere, Master of All Terrain

Sustainable: Quiet, Zero Emissions, Low-to-None Maintenance

Multi-Purpose: The only golf scooter with headlight, whether you want to go golfing, hunting, fishing, or all of above, this golf motorbike will fulfill all your outdoor passions.

Ground Clearance: 6.3 Inch (16 cm)                 Max Capacity: 350 lbs

Price Including Free Cooler Box                      Warranty: 24 months

Shipping: Fast shipping from CA.

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    Climb The Toughest Hills

    Powerful peak 3500W motor, instant 140 NM torque, double power knockout; can handle lush hilly terrain or stunning Oceanside courses.

    Use For Multiple Rounds

    25AH swap Li-battery; range up to 40 Miles, improved performance for multiple rounds, even for 36 holes.

    Speed Up the Pace

    27MPH steady speed; Take a few extra swings as an added bonus while keeping the pace moving.

    Stay Focused

    Enjoy your time golfing without being distracted by golf cart conversations.

    Never Be Left Out Of Service

    Plug-and-play battery; running out of juice is no longer a problem because you can swap in/out a fully charged spare one!

    Attract New Golfers & Increase Revenue

    Add KOPPLA Swift Golf Scooter to your fleet and stand out from other courses; electric carts have never been this fun and cool; hop on and enjoy your first round!

    Use It For Other Applications

    This big-wheel golf cart motorcycle is multi-use; suitable for golfing, hunting, fishing, general riding, and more.

    Other Features:

    - Kickstand switch prevents unexpected start

    - Fat tire design, course-friendly, stable, suitable for any terrain

    - "Big Foot" kickstand prevents sinking into the grass for stable parking

    - Mounted storage box holds scorecard, balls, keys, and other small items

    - On-road capability with edgy aesthetic & finish that makes it safer and more stylish

    - Full heavy-duty suspension that offers a luxurious ride

    Golf cart bike speed and range specs are maximum ratings under ideal conditions, i.e. light weight rider (relative to carrying capacity), good terrain (solid, flat, smooth & dry), properly inflated tires, etc. Less than ideal conditions will reduce speed, range and climbing ability.


    Motor: 2000W (peak 3500W in few seconds) Dimensions: 74" long (87" with bag holder attached) x 30" wide x 46" high
    Battery: 60V, 25Ah Removable (Golf Cart Battery can be purchased separately) Weight: 168 lbs including battery
    Mileage: 40-50 Miles (65-75KM) Charging Time: 4 - 6 hours
    Tire: 215/40-12 (Rear); 165/45-12 (Front) Headlight


    KOPPLA SWIFT Golf Cart Scooter Rear-view Safety Mirrors
    Golf Bag Holder Plastic box for score paper
    Carrier Rack Tool Kit
    Cooler Box 67.2V 5A charger

    Golf Scooter Brand Reviews (Learn More)

    golf scooter review
    Brand Koppla Swift Phat Scooters Rebel Trike XR Finn Cycle
    Price $3299 free shipping $3399 extra shipping $395 $3999 extra shipping $395 $3499 free shipping
    Battery Replacement $649/25Ah $1,100/23Ah $495/20Ah $499
    Type   2 Wheels 2 Wheels Trike Scooter 2 Wheels
    Speed & Power Motor 2000W 60V 2000W 60V 2000W 72V 1000W 48V
    Speed 27mph 8mph, 13mph or 20mph 15mph 15mph
    Battery 25 Ah 25.2 Ah 20 Ah Not  disclosed
    Range 30-50 miles 30-50 miles 25 miles Not  disclosed
    Charging Time 4-6 hours 4-6 hours 6-8 hours 4.5 hours
    Charger AC 100-240V 5 Amp AC 110V 5 Amp AC 110V 3 Amp AC 120 V 2 Amp
    What’s In Box   Golf Bag Holder Scorecard and pencil holder Carrier Rack Cooler Box Sand bottle Removable Cooler Drink holder Scorecard and pencil holder LED headlight Sand bottle Removable Cooler Drink holder Scorecard and pencil holder LED headlight /

    Weight Capacity

    350 lbs

    350 lbs

    300 lbs

    250 lbs

    Ground Clearance




    Not  disclosed

    Not  disclosed

    Added Features


    Cooler box included

    Customized Color

    Standard Black, other color +$80

    APP: Users can unlock the scooter for rental use.



    155 lbs

    175 lbs

    210 lbs (not including a bag)

    80 lbs /92 lbs with battery



    80”L x 30”W x 44”H

    85”L x 32”W x 46.5”H

    85”L x 30”W x 46” H.

    72”L x 28”W x 42”H


    2 YEARS (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor))

    1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

    1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

    1 YEAR (main frame, battery, rear wheel hub motor)

    Motorcycle Golf Cart, The Future Of On-Course Transit

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions like social distancing, courses have been forced to adapt. To keep golfers safe while still keeping them on the course, a single-rider electric golf cart could be the answer that everyone in the golf industry is searching for.

    Koppla electric golf scooter

    1. It a adheres to social distancing guidelines

    Members and family only, no guest play because of restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic, it's not safe - or allowed - to have more than one person in a traditional golf cart. Golf Scooter would be the best solution of single rider carts.

    2. It's fun and it's cool.

    Electric golf scooters and golf motorcycles have never been this fun and cool. They stand out compared to traditional carts and resemble more of a dirt bike or Chopper. The fun factor has been one of the biggest selling points. Hop on a golf motorbike and enjoy your round!

    3. It speeds up the round.

    Golf is a traditional game, but that doesn't mean slow play doesn't negatively impact our enjoyment on the course. The pace of play is a big deal, not only on the PGA Tour but also in amateur golf. Time is a valuable commodity that we need to dedicate to practicing and becoming a better golfer. A faster pace means more rounds and more money in your pocket. The KOPPLA Swift motorcycle golf cart would be quite a time-saver!

    4. It attracts new golfers and increases revenue.

    Golf motorcycles not only meet social distancing guidelines, but they also increase profits on single-seat carts rentals.

    "I'm getting a bit old to walk a full 18-hole round, but I still want to get around and look cool while doing it." - Mark from Western Australia.

    5. It's multi-purpose.

    Where the weather is concerned, a fat tire golf scooter is more mobile than a four-wheeled golf cart. The big tires give fat scooters the ability not only to ride on grass but also sand, mud, dirt, gravel, snow, pavement, etc. Use the KOPPLA Swift Golf Motorcycle for commuting, hunting, fishing, beach cruising, or all of the above!

    6. As a fat tire motorbike, it protects the course.

    The wheels of a golf cart scooter weigh less than those on a regular golf cart. The low-pressure turf tires are extremely golf course friendly. KOPPLA electric golf carts reduce the wear and tear on your golf course, and also, its 'big foot' kickstand prevents sinking into to grass, protects turf and allows for stable parking.

    7. It helps you stay focused.

    Folks treat golf cart electric like Jeeps in open space. But when you're on a golf bike, you have to be engaged in operating the vehicle the whole time. This makes golf motorcycles ideal for players that had a long day and want some quality golfing time without golf cart conversation distractions.

    8. It produces zero emissions and requires little-to-no maintenance.

    Is the Koppla Swift Golf Scooter easy to ride?

    YES. Thanks to its fat tire design, if you can ride a bicycle, you can probably ride this Golf Scooter.

    What is the weight limit?

    The Fat Tire Golf Scooter is designed for one person, weighing no more than 350 lbs.

    How many miles does a KOPPLA golf bike go on a single charge?

    The KOPPLA Gator Motorcycle uses a single 40Ah removable battery, and the KOPPLA Swift Golf Cart Motorcycle uses a 25Ah removable battery.

    25AH = 28 – 35 Miles (40- 55KM)

    40AH = 62 – 70 Miles (100 – 110KM)

    How fast does the KOPPLA electric golf cart go?

    KOPPLA SWIFT Golf Motorcycle Max Speed - 27 mph / 45km/h (Europe & USA)

    How long does it take to charge the Fat Tire Golf Scooter?

    Our 5A quick charger takes about 5 hours to fully charge. Keeping extra fully charged batteries ready allows the course to quickly (3 seconds) swap out the battery to keep the scooters in constant service and generating revenue.

    What is the package size and weight? And how is it packed?

    The size is 74x15x30 inches (188x38x77 cm) for the KOPPLA scooter, packed in a heavy brown box. Golf scooter weight at 168 lbs

    Ready-to-go stock is shipped from our Los Angeles warehouse by truck delivery.

    Do I need to do any assembly after receiving golf electric scooter?

    The KOPPLA golf bike is shipped 98% assembled. You just need to assemble the front wheel and handlebars with the included tools. It's super easy, and you can follow our video instructions.

    Will KOPPLA golf scooters harm the course?

    The KOPPLA fat tire golf scooter is very "turf-friendly". With larger tires and a very light weight, it's less damaging than a traditional golf cart.

    The Koppla Golf Scooter Cart also has exclusive "big foot" kick stand with large, flat plates to protect the grass and offer great stability when parked.

    How many rounds does the KOPPLA golf cart bike last on a single charge?

    The KOPPLA electric golf cart supports a single 25Ah battery that will last over 36 holes on a single charge. Please note the rider's weight and terrain condition will affect the range.

    Because our battery is under the seat, it can be swapped out without any tools in just a 3 seconds, so we recommend swapping the battery between rounds for optimum experience.

    What is the warranty?

    The warranty period of the KOPPLA Golf Motorcycle body is 12 months from the date of delivery, and the battery pack is 6 months. Other accessories are covered for 6 months. For details, go here [warranty].

    How do you store a KOPPLA golf electric scooter battery?

    We suggest discharging & recharging the battery every 3 months; this way, it will keep the battery in good working order and make it last longer. Normally, we charge the battery 50% or so before shipment because it will be safe when shipping.

    Have more questions?

    Please email


    60V/25AH lithium battery, 25+miles depends on the speed.


    67.2V~5A quick charger, fully charged with 4-6 hours


    60V/35A Integrated controller


    Motor-style LCD
    with battery level, speedometer, odometer, km to mile conversion, and more.


    2000W Brushless DC Geared Motor with 119 NM max motor torque, up to 27 MPH(max speed). Motor brand: QS motor.


    Front: Oversized headlight with turn light
    Rear: Reflector on the fender.


    One levels gear throttle in the default.


    "Big Foot" Kickstand



    straight grain vacuum tubeless tires


    Made of AB material.

    Front Suspension

    Hydraulic shock Fork

    Rear Suspension

    Spring steel shock


    Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brakes


    Seamless iron alloy pipe



    Straight grain leather seat





    Seat Height


    Handlebar Height


    Total Length


    Handlebar Width


    Rear Suspension Length


    Footrest Size

    9.84''* 4.72''

    Kickstand Length


    Controller Size

    7.09'' *3.62''*2.17"

    Cooler Box


    Golf Bag Holder

    Length:24.4"/Inside Diameter:9.4"


    14.2'' *10.2''

    Golf Case




    Tire Pressure

    Front: 200 kPa
    Rear: 250 kPa
    (Note: The tire pressure must not exceed 250 kPa)

    Gross Weight

    191.8 lbs

    Net Weight

    68 lbs


    440 lbs

    Recommend Rider Height

    Over 4'6''

    motorcycle golf cart

    Stay Ahead in The Technology Game

    Fun Golf

    Ready Golf

    Focused Golf

    More Rounds


    An electric golf cart never been this FUN and COOL!

    Improving Pace & Golfer Experience

    Attract New Golfers

    Boost Your Revenue

    Reduce Wear and Tear

    Protect the Course

    KOPPLA SWIFT Golf Motorcycle is the next step in golf cart evolution and gives you an experience like no other!

    koppla scooter golf cart
    golf scooter accessory

    What's in the box?

    - KOPPLA SWIFT Motorcycle Golf Cart
    - Fast Charger, Rear Mirror, Tool case, Spare Screws
    - Cooler Box
    - Cargo Carrier
    - Manual

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