How to maintain fat tire electric scooter battery

How to maintain fat tire electric scooter battery

March 13, 2020

How to make electric scooter battery last longer?

It's crucial to examine the battery's natural service life before diving into escooter battery repair.

An E-scooter battery will naturally deplete over time as it goes through charging cycles, so don't expect it to last indefinitely. The length of time it lasts depends on the battery cell, but most fat scooters come with a warranty that covers a set number of years or charges. Of course, this is merely the minimum length of time a battery should survive, but by properly maintaining it, you can extend its service life. Listed below are a few tips how.

How long should a fat scooter battery last?

The battery life of a fat tire moped scooter can range from 6 months to 5 years, with the majority lasting between 2 and 3 years.

However, estimating a battery's lifespan in time is less precise, hence it's preferable to do it in charge cycles. The majority of batteries have between 500 and 800 complete charge cycles, although the top quality batteries can go up to 1000. The battery's performance will gradually deteriorate after a few hundred charge cycles. A full charge cycle would entail charging the battery from 0 to 100%, however, this is unlikely to occur. 300 to 500 full charge cycles are roughly equivalent to 600 to 1000 half-charge cycles.

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If you charge your moped scooter every day, for example, the battery will last between one and two years. However, based on my experience, you are unlikely to ride your fat tire scooter every day. Charging it once every two or three days is a far better estimate for most individuals. That implies your battery will most likely survive at least two years, and potentially five!

There are a number of other elements that can affect how long an electric moped battery lasts. 

Charging an electric moped scooter battery

Whether at home or at work - to charge a fat scooter, consumers only have to connect the battery to a standard household socket. Some moped scooters have a removable battery, while others have a built-in battery.

If you want to charge a moped, you should only use the manufacturer's original scooter battery charger. Depending on the model, it takes about three to eight hours for an e-scooter to be fully charged.

Charging is quite simple in most cases, although the exact way to do it may vary from one model to another in some details. Most scooters have removable batteries, which makes this whole process easier and better for the health of the batteries since removing them from their compartment and charging them separately to reduce the heat. 

Having good charging habits will help us optimize the usage life since the degradation suffered by batteries is almost always due to bad habits in this case. To make your battery last longer and in better condition, we recommend the following tips:

Keep the battery charged

Avoid completely discharging the battery.

The best option, and what manufacturers usually recommend, is that the battery is charged as soon as there is an opportunity to do so, even if it is not completely discharged or even half or more of its capacity.

This habit will also prevent us from running out of scooters battery more often at inconvenient times. And it is especially good if your fat scooter has a small autonomy or if the user that is given it leads it to be at the limit too often.

Use a proper charger

Using the battery charger for moped scooter that does not have the same characteristics as the one originally provided by the manufacturer will progressively damage the battery. In fact, these batteries are quite sensitive to the charging mode, which is not the same for all chargers and adapters.

Do not use electric motorcycle chargers on electric scooter batteries. These chargers are designed to charge other types of batteries (wet cell) and the normal thing would be that you will quickly damage the scooter by overheating or overcharging.

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Let the battery cool down before recharging

Before each recharge, let the scooter moped battery cool down for at least an hour. Recharging it while it is still hot will reduce its life. 

Connect the cables in their correct order

The correct order to connect the cables is: first plug the charger into the fat scooter battery and then the charger into the electrical outlet. To unplug it, the other way around: first the charger from the electric current and then the battery from the charger.

Disconnect the charger from the electrical current if it is not being used

Disconnecting the charger from the electrical current will prevent it from being damaged by voltage spikes or short circuits if there is a problem with the electrical installation. 

An electric scooter battery should not be overcharged

Don't keep your electric moped battery on the charger for long periods of time – at least a few days. When you do, you can cause the battery to deplete, leaving it at around 95% capacity. The scooter charger then begins to charge the battery to its full capacity. A succession of poor charging cycles is created by this sequence of tiny discharges and topping off. Instead, use your phone's timer to remind you to take the battery out of the charger.

How to store electric scooters battery

Battery life and performance will also be better if we follow the following storage tips.

Store the scooter with a full battery

If your electric scooter is going to be stored for a few months, do so with a full battery and recharge it every two or three month. The battery should not be completely discharged for too long because it could, in some cases, be irretrievably damaged.

Store the scooter battery in a cool, dry place

The place where we store the fat scooter battery should be cool and dry. Humidity and heat are harmful to her. Do not leave it near a heat source and avoid subjecting it to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, for too long.


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Avoid leaving it stored on metal or concrete

Do not put the fat scooter battery on a metal or concrete surface every time you remove it from the scooter. 

Take out the battery when you go to wash the fat tire scooter

Before washing the fat tire moped scooter with water or another liquid, it is best to remove the battery. Water is not the best for her. If you want to clean the battery itself, use a dry cloth or spray to remove any dirt that could have stuck to it.

Extending Battery Life

Maintain proper tyre inflation.

Keeping your tyres inflated to the proper pressure will extend your battery's range by up to 15%.

Maintain the condition of your fat tire electric scooter.

A well-maintained fat scooter will have a greater range than one with rubbing brakes and sluggish gears.

Use a battery cover

A battery cover can help prolong battery range in colder weather by keeping the battery warm.

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Never attempt to repair your battery on your own

If your fat scooter battery is faulty or needs maintenance, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Have these examined at a store near you on a regular basis. A diagnostic tool can be used by the dealer to check the battery's condition.

Protect the charger

Many riders focus solely on the scooter's battery and overlook the scoters charger. As previously said, selecting the appropriate charger is critical. However, you must do one more thing, which is to maintain the scooter charger.

Basically, keep the scooter charger safe at all times, making sure it is not abused or damaged. This is because if the charger malfunctions, your fat tire electric scooter may be undercharged or bulged. The battery's lifespan will be shortened as a result of this. 


The battery of an electric moped scooter is crucial. As a result, you need proper care for and maintain it, especially if you want it to last a long time. To begin, avoid overcharging it. You can also avoid completely depleting the battery before charging it. In addition, charging at the appropriate time is critical for extending the life of your fat scooter battery.

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