Which power battery better, Ternary lithium battery or LiFePO4?

Although China's domestic subsidies for brand new energy vehicles have begun to say no, the growing handiness of infrastructure and a more comprehensive vary of car choices has LED shoppers embrace the recognition of recent energy vehicles. Additionally, new energy vehicles have several distinctive benefits to being another resolution to the lack to shop for fuel cars in restricted areas. Quiet driving setting, clean energy sort and low price of automotive, even together with the fast output of massive force once beginning, will make several friends envy.

As the supply of power for electric vehicles, the battery is, of course, one of the foremost vital parts. The range, charging and discharging of electric mopeds are all inextricably joined to the battery's performance. The domestic power battery is principally divided into two factions, in line with the various cathode materials divided into LiFePO4 battery faction and ternary material faction. Though each belongs to the secondary battery, it is repeatedly charged and discharged. However, thanks to variations in materials, within the final reflection to the employment of the extent of performance or a comparatively massive distinction.


Lithium battery


Ternary Lithium battery or LiFePO4 battery, which one ought to be used for power batteries?

To figure out which battery is best, we should always initially have a straightforward understanding of the distinction between the two.

The questionable Lithium iron phosphate battery refers to the Li-ion battery with lithium iron phosphate because of the cathode material. This kind of battery is characterized by the absence of valuable components (such as Co, etc.). Thanks to the lack of useful materials, Lithium iron phosphate battery staple prices are compressed to terribly low. In actual use, LiFePO4 batteries have the benefits of warmth resistance, high safety stability, low value and higher cycle performance.

The ternary Li-battery refers to the employment of Li nickel Co salt because of the cathode material, plumbago because the harmful conductor material of Li batteries. Different from LiFePO4 battery, the ternary Li battery voltage platform is incredibly high, which implies that within the same volume or weight, ternary Li-battery specific energy, specific power is more significant. Additionally, ternary Li batteries even have excellent benefits in terms of enormous multiplier factor charging and cold performance.

I have perpetually believed that there's no intelligent or unhealthy technology or superior or inferior, only for different products or environments. On the battery alone, there's no such issue as WHO is best and WHO is worse. Simply apply to the particular use of eventualities, ternary Li batteries compared to lithium iron phosphate battery, additional custom-made to the current and way forward for home electric vehicles.

Why is ternary lithium battery more suitable for household electric vehicles?

First. Higher low-temperature discharge performance

The United States is a vast country with a complex climate, with rich temperature variations from the northernmost to the southernmost tip. Take New York as an example. As the primary market for electric vehicles, the highest temperature in New York in summer is around 40℃, while the winter remains around -16℃ or even lower. Such a temperature range is suitable for the low-temperature performance of ternary lithium batteries. And focus on the high-temperature performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the winter in New York will seem a little weak. ( See Why the battery life of the electric scooter drops in winter? Click here )

Ternary lithium battery



Discharge platform(V)

Relative 25° capacity













Lithium iron phosphate battery



Discharge platform(V)

Relative 25° capacity














"Relative 25℃ capability" refers to the magnitude of the discharge capability beneath totally different temperature conditions to the discharge capacity at 25℃. The worth will accurately replicate the battery in numerous temperature conditions of the decay of the vary. The nearer to 100 percent, the higher the battery performance.

As is seen from the top of the graph, with 25℃ because of the reference temperature, there's virtually no distinction in discharge capability between the two varieties of batteries discharged at 55℃ warmth temperature. However, at -20 ℃, ternary Li batteries have an obvious additional advantage over Lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Second, higher energy density.

According to the knowledge provided by the leading domestic ternary material 18650 cylindrical battery - BAK battery, its 18650 battery energy density has reached 232Wh/kg and can be additionally improved to 293Wh/kg. 150Wh/kg, in line with domestic battery trade specialists, among subsequent few years, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries will reach 300Wh/kg hope is incredibly slim.

Tesla lithium battery


Unlike the massive volume of electric buses, the area is usually the primary for home electric vehicles. The lower energy density of Li iron phosphate batteries can occupy not a lot of space within the automotive, and thanks to the heavier mass; the discharge aim use will be additionally affected. The comparatively high energy density of ternary Li batteries within the resolution to the burden downside at an identical time conjointly save area for the family automotive.

Third, charging potency is higher.

In addition, to vary, charging is additionally an essential part of the particular use of electric vehicles, and ternary Li batteries have a huge advantage over lithium iron phosphate battery in terms of charging potency.

Ternary lithium battery

Recharging Current(Ah)

Constant Current Capacity(Ah)

Total Capacity(Ah)

Constant Current Capacity/Total Capacity





















Lithium iron phosphate battery

Recharging Current(Ah)

Constant Current Capacity(Ah)

Total Capacity(Ah)

Constant Current Capacity/Total Capacity






















The other standard charging methodology on the market nowadays is constant current and constant voltage charging. Usually, at the start of charging, initial regular current charging, once higher, charging potency is comparatively higher. And when the voltage reaches an explicit worth, cut back this to constant voltage charging so that the battery is charged additional full. During this method, the magnitude relation of continuous current charging capability to the battery's total capacity is named constant existing magnitude relation. It's a pivotal worth to live the charging potency of a bunch of storms throughout the charging method. The more significant the proportion indicates that the upper the charge within the constant current stage, it conjointly proves that the battery is charged additional expeditiously.

As is seen from the table, ternary Li batteries and Li iron phosphate batteries within the charging below 10C, constant current magnitude relation no important distinction, 10C on top of the multiplier factor charging, lithium iron phosphate battery constant present magnitude relation apace decreases, the charging potency apace.

Fourth, the cycle of life is assured.

For family cars, ternary materials and Li iron phosphate power batteries ar rated cycle life is way over the particular user habits, therefore within the service, life is fully assured. BAK battery current high-capacity 18650 battery, as an example, when one thousand charge and discharge cycles, the battery capacity will still be maintained at over ninetieth of the initial. Since I'm conjointly an automotive electrical owner, I will solely charge the battery once every two days throughout the coldest month of the year, after I repeatedly activate the nice and cozy air, and once each 3-4 days throughout the remainder of the year. Assumptive a mean of three days a charge throughout the year to calculate, the employment of one year ought to charge concerning six times, the cycle life of one thousand times to use the top of concerning eight years, that is essentially over this average of China's shoppers to alter the automotive cycle.

Fifth, safe enough materials and processes

The most harmful part of old burning engine cars is that the fuel containing Brobdingnagian energy, like gas, features a low ignition purpose and is simple to explode once the liquid fuel leaks. It's straightforward to cause excellent safety hazards. The ability battery of recent energy vehicles, when the right battery management system (BMS) observance, every storm will get the correct top management to forestall accidents.


lithium battery

Take BAK 18650 battery product as an associate example. BAK chooses to tack together protecting additives and reactive additives within the positive and negative electrodes severally to prevent the protection issues caused by solution decomposition within the single-cell method. At the same time, safety protection suggests that ceramic diaphragm and negative conductor ceramic coating are adscititious to manage accidents from the foundation. Additionally, BAK tiny cylindrical 18650 batteries in cluster mode, every cell is unbroken at a comfortable safety distance from different one associate other to ensure that an accident of one cell won't affect other cells.

Ternary Li batteries are dominating the longer-term power battery market.

In the field of electric vehicles, Tesla of us has been the benchmark for several domestic automotive firms. And once it involves the strength of ancient automotive firms in developing new energy vehicles, the launch of the BMW i3 has conjointly become a textbook model. Curiously, these two cars have chosen ternary Li batteries because of the power battery. On the contrary, the domestic market, like Jianghuai, BYD, Bai and lots of alternative automotive makers conjointly began to use its original lithium iron phosphate battery models modified ternary Li batteries.

Technology isn't intelligent or unhealthy, solely appropriate or unsuitable. China domestic and foreign automotive firms for the selection of battery sort "coincidentally" is entirely no coincidence. It's believed that within the close to future, the battery market of electric vehicles are reshuffled, and therefore the ternary Li battery, with its cold resistance, high energy density, high charging potency, intelligent cycle life and more vital safety options, will resist within the new market.