Koppla Ambassadors

Koppla Ambassadors are the deep experience users of our brand.They have a comprehensive understanding and love riding outdoor. They are willing to give consumers reasonable purchase guidance. We record their opinions here, including all aspects of products, brands and riding.

Jason Keefer

Jason and his wife are wedding and portrait photographer. They run a photography studio in in Virginia Beach. He use Koppla gator commuting to work three days a week. 16 miles round trip.

Ian Hitchcock

Ian is a youtuber, he run a YouTube channel about camping and theme parks. He'd love to showcase some amazing products that he think make lives easier.

"We were introduced to Koppla while looking for a scooter to take with us while camping. It has been a partnership that has far surpassed our expectations. The koppla is an amazing commuter scooter we take it every where often you will find my wife and son cruising around together on it while we are traveling and filming. The convenience of electric should not be overlooked no real maintenance no clogged carburetors and no high fuel cost. Weather it's to travel back and forth to work or just to get out and explore new places the Koppla Gator has you covered"